My Experiences When Changing or Cancelling a Flight on Southwest Airlines

I’ve written before about how much we’ve traveled on Southwest recently and even how we haven’t paid for a flight on Southwest Airlines since 2015.  Well, the time eventually came when I had to book a ticket on Southwest with cash instead of miles. I just didn’t have enough Southwest miles left to cover the cost of the flight for both of us on this trip.

17761038_1121957987914685_4477871181367452954_oWe’re flying to Chicago for a weekend to see Hamilton  (Again. Our 4th time. Don’t hate us.) and I know I cleared these dates with Sharon before I booked the airline tickets. But sometimes life happens and plans change. This time we needed to change our travel dates because Sharon was cast in the choir of Encore!  for their production of Hairspray at the Dr. Phillips Center in Orlando. This did cause a bit of a dilemma as Sharon now had a rehearsal scheduled for the day we were going to be flying to Chicago, and that just wasn’t going to work.

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We’re Going To Do The Pan Am Experience!

As you guys may have figured out, Joe and I like to travel. But we like to think our travel is different from that of most people. Oh sure, some people like to go to the Caribbean, or to Italy or to go hiking. And some of those are nice sometimes (well, except the hiking. I’m not a hiking sort of person). But for us, especially for me, the more unusual, the more different, the more of an adventure, the more off the beaten path, the better. And if you can add a little kitsch to it, well, THEN my life is just complete. So when a friend posted an article on Facebook about the Pan Am Experience, my eyes perked up. I did some Continue reading “We’re Going To Do The Pan Am Experience!”

Posts We Like: “When An Airline Proves Twitter Support Is Officially Worthless”

TwitterWe read other travel bloggers all the time, for tips, ideas, news and anything else that can pop up in the world of miles and points. We saw this post earlier this week, from another travel blogger, One Mile At A Time. It discusses how Twitter can be the best or the worst thing ever when you’re trying to fix a problem with an airline.

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Five Reasons Why I Was Going to Book A Flight On Allegiant, & Five Reasons Why I Didn’t

I’ve flown on a bunch of different domestic airlines in my lifetime. Off the top of my head, I’ve flown on Delta, United, American, JetBlue, Virgin America, Southwest, Alaska, Hawaiian, Silver, Continental, US Airways, Eastern, America West, TWA, Northwest, People’s Express, TED, Song and Midwest Express (am I showing my age?). So when it came to booking a flight on Allegiant, why did I have second thoughts? Continue reading “Five Reasons Why I Was Going to Book A Flight On Allegiant, & Five Reasons Why I Didn’t”

Why the airlines got Cuba all wrong

Until August 31, 2016, when commercial airline service resumed, the way most people went to Cuba from the U.S. was on a chartered flight. You booked through an agency who arranged the flights and certified that you were flying for a designated reason. Their customers were mostly people with family living in Cuba, or those going on mission or school trips. You see, these were the people who could travel to Cuba freely under the embargo. In order to do so, you had to fit into one of the 12 categories allowed to travel there: Continue reading “Why the airlines got Cuba all wrong”