Pay Taxes With Your Credit Card? Drive Or Fly To Your Vacation? & More!

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Quick Thoughts About Our First Flight With Frontier Airlines

Flying on a low cost airline isn’t our first choice. I’m not a big fan of their pricing structure and I’ve heard too many horror stories about people having problems. Let me say I booked this flight for us with our eyes wide open. It was the perfect flight times for our trip with a non stop that would give us an additional day at our location and save us from twenty of hours of driving. I planned for contingencies (What if the flight there gets cancelled or what if we get stuck at our destination?) I booked our tickets with the Citi Prestige card since it has the best trip insurance of any card out there and crossed my fingers.  Continue reading “Quick Thoughts About Our First Flight With Frontier Airlines”

Last Chance To Win A Trip To See A Broadway Show From JetBlue

I’m not a big follower of sweepstakes that require you to use a credit card to get an entry. Frankly, It’s not worth giving up earning the most amount of miles and points for me to get a minuscule chance to win a contest. However, I’ll enter one that only takes a few clicks online, ’cause really, what do I have to lose? It turns out that I was racking up a number of entries into this contest and didn’t even know it.

JetBlue and Mastercard have been running a promotion since the beginning of the year where every eligible use of a JetBlue Mastercard gets you an entry to win a trip to New York. It turns out you don’t even have to have a credit card to enter, as long as you’re willing to mail in a 3×5 piece of paper in a #10 envelope (My mother was a contest entering junkie so she would exactly what that means, but to me it’s all static).

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The Best Manhattan Sightseeing Tour Was Included With My Delta Ticket To LaGuardia Airport

We’ve flown into LaGuardia Airport more times than I want to remember. For the most part, these flights include a sightseeing tour of central New Jersey, Staten Island, Brooklyn or Queens. That means seeing a bunch of houses right next to another, an apartment project here or there, and not much else.

For some reason though, on this trip on Delta to LaGuardia, we took a different route.

Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 9.37.05 PM

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Delta’s Trying To Look Neutral, New Amex Changes, The Stupidity Of a Loyalty Program + More…

Hi everyone! Here are the articles we’ve recently seen, written by others, that we learned from, made us think or maybe made us chuckle a little bit. We hope you enjoy them!

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United Issued This Guy A $378 Voucher In 1998. He Never Used It. Was It Still Good?

Not long ago, John Walker was going through a box he had thrown under his bed almost 20 years ago and found something he forgot he even had. It was a $378 United Airlines ticket voucher (a PRINTED voucher! When was the last time you saw one of those?), dated December 31, 1998. He read all the fine print and there it was, in black and white…the “domestic wholly unused non-refundable ticket(s) can forever be applied toward the purchase of another domestic non-refundable ticket, for the customer named on the ticket.” 

Was it still worth anything? Walker intended to find out.

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Could Child Free Zones On Planes Be In Our Future?

Here’s a familiar scenario for some people (not all, but definitely some): you’re in your seat on the plane and every time a young child goes by, you cross your fingers and maybe say a little prayer. “Not in front of me, not next to me, not behind me, not near me, please, please, please.” And sometimes you luck out, but sometimes not so much. And you wind up with a little one next to you who cries for the entire flight. Or there’s one behind you who kicks your seat incessantly. Maybe there’s one directly across the aisle and is in a screaming match with her little brother the whole trip. Or it could be the one who’s in front of you and stands on his seat so he can smear his boogers on the top of his seat back, right where you can see them.

Of course, sometimes you get a well behaved angel sitting near you, who’s quiet, does what his/her caregivers say, and at the end of the flight, I hope you praise the child and caregivers for how well behaved (s)he is. I know I do. But back to the times when there’s a very disruptive little one sitting near you…

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