Book Your Flight To Europe & Learn Where You’re Going Afterwards?!?!?!

Imagine booking a flight (granted, a discounted flight) and you don’t know what your final destination will be until you’ve paid for the flight. Does the spontaneity make you feel excited? Or does it make you cower at the loss of control? Either way, it’s exactly what German airline Lufthansa is doing, and despite the preferences of control freaks like me where everything has to be planned ahead of time, it seems to be doing quite well!
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Famous Last Words: “Hooray, I’m In Boarding Group One!”

I’ve already written a post about my disdain of the “cattle call” methodology of getting onto a plane. Oh sure, SouthWest and United have figured out ways to make it more bearable but for most of the other airlines, it’s still a matter of everyone standing by the gates, waiting for their group to be called. It sure can one LLLOOONNNGGG wait, though, even if you’re in Boarding Group 1, as the man in this video quickly discovered:
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Silver Airlines Fare Sale: $50 Off Round Trip Tickets!

Silver Airlines is in the midst of what they’re calling their biggest, boldest sale ever and if you have plans to travel between now and early 2018, you may find some of their best prices and perks ever for flights in and between Florida and the Bahamas.
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“Mischievous” Airport Bag Handler Purposely Sent Hundreds of Suitcases To Wrong Destinations

As if flying didn’t have enough potential problems, between passengers being pulled off planes, airlines cancelling thousands of flights, or the possibility of sitting directly in front of the screaming baby section, now we have this to worry about.
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This Airline Just Changed The Definition of Onboard Entertainment

What do you do to keep yourself busy on long flights? Most people would probably say they read, sleep, watch movies, work, eat, etc. But after a UK-based study reported the majority of air travelers said they were bored during their flights, Icelandair took the topic of in-flight entertainment into their own hands and produced an 11-hour immersive theater experience for a plane full of people who were on a flight from London to New York, with a stopover in Reykjavik. Here’s what happened…

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How We Went On A $25,000 Trip Halfway Around The World For Less Than $1000 (a.k.a. What You Can Do With Points & Miles)

I’ve written plenty about how I earn credit card points and airline miles, but gathering all those points and miles is meaningless unless you do something with them. We saved points for several years and managed to take an once in a lifetime trip. We could have taken this trip by flying in coach on the cheapest tickets available but why would you want an amazing trip to be ordinary?

….and no, I didn’t actually pay $25,000 for the trip.

Here’s the details of the best trip I ever planned (with some help).

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What are Delta Dollars and How Do You Spend Them?

On a recent flight from Atlanta to Chattanooga, our flight was oversold. The gate agents made an announcement asking if there were any passengers who would be willing to take a flight later that evening for $250 Delta Dollars. Sharon and I looked at each other as if to say, “Should we?” I said we shouldn’t because I wasn’t familiar with how Delta Dollars worked and I wasn’t sure if we could ever use them. I left to go to the restroom and in the 5 minutes that I was away the offer increased from $250 to $350, then $500,  $600 and eventually to $700. At this point I was walking (quickly) to the gate to take the offer but before I got back they found the four people they needed to take the later flight.

Remember that the flight is only 45 minutes long and they were offering a seat on the flight 3 hours later. We could have taken the $700 each and waited or even rented a car and drove the 4 hours to Tennessee. 🙂

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