Quick Thoughts About Our First Flight With Frontier Airlines

Flying on a low cost airline isn’t our first choice. I’m not a big fan of their pricing structure and I’ve heard too many horror stories about people having problems. Let me say I booked this flight for us with our eyes wide open. It was the perfect flight times for our trip with a non stop that would give us an additional day at our location and save us from twenty of hours of driving. I planned for contingencies (What if the flight there gets cancelled or what if we get stuck at our destination?) I booked our tickets with the Citi Prestige card since it has the best trip insurance of any card out there and crossed my fingers.  Continue reading “Quick Thoughts About Our First Flight With Frontier Airlines”


Last Chance To Win A Trip To See A Broadway Show From JetBlue

I’m not a big follower of sweepstakes that require you to use a credit card to get an entry. Frankly, It’s not worth giving up earning the most amount of miles and points for me to get a minuscule chance to win a contest. However, I’ll enter one that only takes a few clicks online, ’cause really, what do I have to lose? It turns out that I was racking up a number of entries into this contest and didn’t even know it.

JetBlue and Mastercard have been running a promotion since the beginning of the year where every eligible use of a JetBlue Mastercard gets you an entry to win a trip to New York. It turns out you don’t even have to have a credit card to enter, as long as you’re willing to mail in a 3×5 piece of paper in a #10 envelope (My mother was a contest entering junkie so she would exactly what that means, but to me it’s all static).

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Should You Pay Your Taxes With A Credit Card?

It’s tax season. That time of the year where part of the population gathers paperwork as soon as possible to file for a refund and the rest of us put off the task until the last minute because we don’t want to see how much money we’ll owe the government. In the past, we had to write a check to the Internal Revenue Service and make sure that it was postmarked by the end of the tax deadline (April 15th, or later due to holidays or weekends). Now that many people choose to eFile their taxes, you can easily add your banking information to have your taxes due removed from your bank account. This is a fee-free option and I’m sure many people take advantage of the ease of doing this. As someone who’s always looking for a place to earn points and miles, I was interested when I saw that you can pay your taxes with a credit card…but with a catch.

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The Best Manhattan Sightseeing Tour Was Included With My Delta Ticket To LaGuardia Airport

We’ve flown into LaGuardia Airport more times than I want to remember. For the most part, these flights include a sightseeing tour of central New Jersey, Staten Island, Brooklyn or Queens. That means seeing a bunch of houses right next to another, an apartment project here or there, and not much else.

For some reason though, on this trip on Delta to LaGuardia, we took a different route.

Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 9.37.05 PM

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Should You Drive Or Fly For Your Vacation?

This is a question we hear quite often when we fly to nearby locations. “Why didn’t you just drive?” It’s a legitimate question and I agree there are several advantages to driving in comparison to flying. You don’t have to deal with the hassle of the airport. You aren’t on such a strict schedule, so if you’re running late you won’t miss your flight. You can bring everything you want with you including food, clothes and your pillow without worrying about how heavy your suitcase will be. However, driving also has its own perils, as it’s no fun to be sitting on a highway in a traffic jam or trying to drive through a blinding rain (or snow) storm.

There are several factors that can influence your decision. The cost of flying vs. driving is an important one. This is compounded if you have a family because any math shows that four airline tickets cost twice as much as two tickets. If you drive, you’d also have to figure out the cost of gasoline and the wear and tear on your car (or the cost of a rental car if you don’t trust your vehicle for a long drive).

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Why You Should Sign Up For Hotel Programs Before Booking Your Room

l’ve already posted about how you can sign up for hotel programs and, not surprisingly, I’ve certainly signed up for quite a few. In fact, when I look at AwardWallet, I see that I have accounts with these hotel programs:

  • Starwood Preferred Guest
  • Marriott Rewards
  • Hilton Honors
  • World of Hyatt
  • IHG Rewards Club
  • Le Club Accorhotels
  • Wyndham Rewards
  • Choice Privileges
  • La Quinta Rewards
  • M Life (MGM Resorts)
  • Kimpton Karma Rewards

I’ll freely admit that I wasn’t enrolled in the last two programs on this list until this week. I signed up for them because I was staying, or thinking about staying, in hotels belonging Continue reading “Why You Should Sign Up For Hotel Programs Before Booking Your Room”

The Pros & Cons Of Traveling On Points & Miles As A Couple

I recently returned from Frequent Traveler University in Seattle. I love going to these events because you get a sense of the pulse of the miles and points universe. I really enjoy talking to people who are as passionate as I am about points and miles. It’s great to see the people behind the websites in person and they’ll often share tips they don’t write about on their blogs.

During the closing session Q&A, someone asked the panel how they deal when a spouse/significant other doesn’t share your obsession with miles and points. Three of the panelists chimed in that there is always going to be someone who’s in charge of the miles, points, credit card applications and trip planning and then there will be the one who just wants to stop hearing about it all. This, by the way, was from some of the biggest travel bloggers out there. Tiffany from One Mile At A Time shared how her husband will not call a bank for a credit card and Stephan from Rapid Travel Chai told how he has to schedule a time when he’s allowed to discuss travel plans with his wife.  While they were telling their stories, I felt their pain.  Continue reading “The Pros & Cons Of Traveling On Points & Miles As A Couple”