Strange Travel Quirks: Can You Relate?

What quirky things do you do when traveling?

I was recently reading an article on the website Hello Giggles about quirky travel behaviors. Some of them were understandable, like refusing to walk barefoot on hotel carpets. Other quirks ranged from needing a specific number of pillows in order to be able to sleep to getting to the airport hours early because of a fear of missing your plane.

Sharon has a few things she does when we travel that I shake my head at, like bringing her own pillow from home no matter where we are going or how long the trip is. I’ve actually started  doing this one myself, but only for longer trips so I no longer consider it that quirky of a behavior (except when it’s just for a night of two. That’s still quirky). (Note from Sharon: Shup! I love my pillow!)

She also wipes the TV remote control down with Purell, but I could see a reason for that, in an effort to prevent others’ germs from getting on our hands.

One thing I find more odd is that she brings her own soap and shampoo. Now that’s not strange in and of itself but they are not the same brand of soap and shampoo she ever uses at home. They are specific ones that she only uses when she’s on vacation (Note from Sharon regarding the photo below: I don’t ever use Dove and I do not need to use Head & Shoulders. Joe, why did you pick THAT picture?!?!?! LOLOL!).


I have a couple of quirky things I do when I travel. I take the hotel soaps home with me. Now, I know that’s not uncommon but I’ll also take the used soap bars home with me or bring them from hotel to hotel.

I’ll also stack my change. It started when I was traveling overseas, mainly so I’d know how much money I had. Coins have value (and weight) in other countries and you can end up walking around with £20 of coins in your pocket before you know it. Stranger still is now I do it when we travel in the U.S.


I also unpack my suitcase if I am staying somewhere for more than 1 night. By this, I mean I unpack ALL of my clothes in the drawers and closets. If it’s only a 1 night stay, I’ll begrudgingly live from my bag but more than that I want to feel like I have some control over the space.

So what’s something you do when you travel that’s a little unusual? Come on, fess up. I told you my little idiosyncrasies (and Sharon’s, too). What’s yours?

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