A Few Inches Makes All The Difference

Size matters. Especially when you’re dealing with something as important as the dimensions of your carry on bag. With passengers not wanting to check luggage because of cost and the possibility the airlines will lose their stuff, people are trying to bring as much as they can with them on the plane. Because of this, airlines are getting stricter about the size and number of items you can bring with you.  It’s now crucial to have a bag that’ll fit in the airline’s sizing device. Here’s a link showing the current size bags allowed on many airlines. Now that airlines are looking for any way possible to get more money from you, collecting fees to gate check a bag that’s “too big” for the overhead bins is easy money. We’ve even come across gate agents who claimed our bags were too large, when they most certainly were not. See, it fits just fine.


You’ll see many websites telling you which bags are “carry-on approved” or “fits in over head bins”. Don’t believe them. I’ll share with you a story of how Sharon and I learned the hard way that 22 inches doesn’t necessarily mean EXACTLY 22 inches.  Continue reading “A Few Inches Makes All The Difference”


Snack Cart: The Most Important Part of the Flight?

I recently flew on Delta in Basic Economy and because of that, Sharon and I were separated for two of four of our flights. The experience wasn’t that bad but there was one thing that bugged me. In fact, I even wrote on a Facebook group after the trip just to vent:

Nodded off during the flight and I missed out on my Biscoff cookies (and the person next to me didn’t save me a pack).

I missed out on the Biscoff cookies. For those of you who have never flown on Delta and had these cookies, I’m sorry your life is not complete. It’s just something about being handed two cookies while soaring above the clouds that makes Delta Biscoff better than the other earthbound cookies.

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The Fate Of Anthony Bourdain’s Frequent Flyer Miles, How To Get $10 Off Amazon Prime Day Purchases & More

Wow, it’s already Sunday? How does the weekend go by so fast? Anyway, he hope you had a good week! Here are some travel articles we’ve recently seen that we think you may enjoy.

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What To Do When Your Uber Charge Is Higher Than Expected

One of the things I love about Uber is knowing the price of the ride when you ask for a car. You can make an informed decision about which type of car to request, see if you are paying extra because of demand and not be subject to a meter like a taxi.

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I Want The Buc-ee’s TDECU Credit Union MasterCard. Here’s Why.

I have many travel credit cards to my name (even more if you count the ones that Sharon has). I keep some of them, like the American Express Everyday Preferred, because they earn a lot of points. I have other cards, such as the Citi Prestige and the Chase Sapphire Reserve, because of the travel benefits they offer. I keep even others because of the very specific perks I get – the Chase Disney Visa is a good example of that.

It’s rare that I come across a credit card that I’ve never heard about and even rarer that I find a card I want to have for no rational reason at all. But leave it to me…I found one.

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Avoid This Foreign Currency Ripoff At All Costs

When you’re traveling outside of your home country, figuring out how much things cost in relation to your home currency can be difficult. You need to know the current conversion rate between the two currencies and then apply that to the purchase price. Sometimes you can eyeball the price when it’s a simple ratio. US Dollars to Japanese yen is usually somewhere around 1:100:

Screenshot 2018-07-12 19.23.01

If I was buying something that cost 1000 Yen, I’d know that’s about $10 or a little less. Things get a little more tricky when traveling to the United Kingdom.

Screenshot 2018-07-12 19.27.37

If you’d see something that costs £100, it also costs $132 USD. So just think that everything is 30% more expensive than it appears to be and you’ll be fine.

What about my dad who’s going to Thailand. One US dollar equals 33 Thai Baht. Try doing that math in your head all the time.

Screenshot 2018-07-12 19.33.09

Imagine if your hotel, or restaurant or gift shop offered, when you handed them a credit card, if you would like to pay for this in local currency or your home currency? If you’re tired of doing math, I’d bet you’d jump at the chance to pay the amount in your local money, right?


However, If you ever get this question, ALWAYS PAY IN LOCAL CURRENCY!!!

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Pet Peeve: Places That Do Not Publish The Name Of Their WiFi Network

You know the feeling. You’re sitting in a hotel, airport or restaurant. You go to log onto the wi-fi network and twenty network names pop up. You know to avoid the ones like Joe’s Phone and zjdorldnfi-2 or FREEWIFIHERE!!! Which one is real? Honestly, who the heck knows?

Nothing is more frustrating than seeing a sign like at the airport and not knowing what the network name is. Would it be that hard to put the network name on the sign?


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