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Pax: “I Had To Sit In The Plane’s Galley Because My Boobs Were Too Big”

by SharonKurheg

There are times when a person on a plane requests to sit in a certain seat. For example, someone who has a long leg cast (one that immobilizes from the toes to above the knee) on their leg may request a bulkhead seat, since they can’t bend their knee. There are other times when a person on a plane has been asked to sit in a different seat. Maybe it’s a request so an adult can sit next to their young child.

Leia Parker says she was asked to sit in an entirely different place on the plane she was on. However, it had nothing to do with altruistically helping another family to sit together. She says she was forcibly moved because her breasts were too large.

Parker, 26, is a glamor model and exotic dancer from London. She’s apparently had “a bit of work done” (actually, it’s not “apparently” – one of her hashtags is #plasticpositive) and has a size 32T chest. She says she has the “UK’s biggest boobs.”

Anyway, Parker claims that on August 15th, she was on a flight from Las Vegas to London Gatwick, after working in the U.S. for the past 3 months. She said she was only able to get an economy class seat for her journey back home. She said those seats were “small” for her body shape, and she couldn’t help touching other passengers.

Here’s a photo of her on a plane, from her Instagram account, of her on a plane (heads up that she used some adult language in some of her hashtags).

“”The seats being small is not good for my boobs – I struggle to not be in other passengers’ way,” Parker was quoted in the Mirror.

“The passengers were so vile to me,” she continued. “One female passenger said to the stewardess that she wanted ‘this girl and her stupid t*ts moved’. She said I kept pushing up against her boyfriend, but there was just not enough space.

Parker claims that the other passengers demanded she be moved to another seat, or for them to get an upgrade so they wouldn’t have to sit next to her.

She also said the flight attendants were no help at all. “The cabin crew were very b*tchy and patronizing to me. One of the stewardesses was lovely in the end and was sorry that I had to sit there, and got me pillows.

“The others were not nice,” she continued. “They first said ‘you are going to have to sit differently to not get in other people’s way’.”

Parker said she was eventually forced to move out of the seat she had booked, and sit in the galley area at the back of the plane, since there wasn’t any other space for her to be and not have her chest touch other people.

“They didn’t have other seats so I ended up spending most of the flight sat in a jump seat in the kitchen bit,” she said. “It was really hurtful.”

Parker never said the name of the airline. But says she complained about the experience to them but claims they haven’t apologized.

Our take on this

SO much of this screams, “Are you SURE all this happened?”

First of all, if this happened on her August 15th flight home, how have we gone almost 2 months with not one mention of this on social media? I mean, not one even cell phone video taken? Even if her fellow passengers didn’t know who she was, a bunch of passengers and flight attendants (really?) berating a woman with enormous breasts is going to get some attention and video. It would have been out there already.

And speaking of attention, if someone’s had surgery to give themselves a 32T chest, and then whose entire presence on social media (Insta, for example) shows off their “assets,” I’m thinking there’s some need for attention in their lives. As it is, her Insta pics are littered with, “I’m going to be performing in (pick a town) – ask me for details!” and:

Dates being sorted now for my #uktour in Octobr/November. The venues and dates are not final yet so let me no what UK #gentlemensclub you wuold like to see me featuering at.”

They’re all, “Look at me! Show me that you’re paying attention to me!” posts.

Even for the above alleged event, she said on September 11th:

Now that I’m at #4500cc im keen to talk to the press & magazines agian about my #hugeboob journy & also the awfull experience i had on my recent flight home from my #ustour. Pls DM if intrested

And then nothing about it again until the Daily Mirror wrote a story about the alleged incident 10 days later (and notice the “Tell me if you want to know what airline it was” line):

Me making the UK press agian in the @dailymirror today. Let me no if you want to no what airline it was!!!

And the NY Post:

Me & the girls makeing the @nypost. Check out my story

So, did it happen? Who knows? She seems to think people want to think it did. And I guess that’s good enough? I dunno…

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JohnB October 14, 2022 - 5:38 pm

OMG, I would not be able to keep from hysterically laughing.

Tammy Hernandez October 14, 2022 - 8:35 pm

That individual does not exist they are a fake person all photos are of other models that have been photo shopped with a different face. The woman in that seat models name is Beshine She is a German model. The fake news article has allowed this fake individual to steal money from people.

SharonKurheg October 14, 2022 - 8:44 pm

I’ve heard similar stories about this. But nothing verified, so I didn’t want to post it in the base of the article.


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