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My Big Mistake When Trying To Bring A Guest Into The Delta SkyClub

by joeheg

I wasn’t planning to get the AMEX Platinum Card again but I couldn’t pass up a huge bonus to upgrade my AMEX Gold Card. At the time I hadn’t planned much of our 2022 travel, but based on recent trends we wouldn’t have much chance to use the card’s Delta SkyClub benefit. We did have a trip to Hawaii with a stop at LAX but no other plans to fly on Delta where we’d need to visit a lounge. Our plans changed as the year progressed.

On a recent trip to Atlanta, I visited both the Orlando and Atlanta SkyClubs. That was a solo trip and I was able to enter the SkyClub by scanning my boarding pass since I have my AMEX Platinum Card linked to my Delta SkyMiles wallet.

Since I had been able to enter by only scanning my pass, I neglected to put the Platinum Card in my wallet before our quick weekend trip to New York.

We had a 7 AM flight from MCO to LaGuardia and were through security by 5:30. The line at Starbucks was already long and while we could get into The Club MCO with Priority Pass for free, neither of us are fans of their coffee.

We decided to visit the Delta SkyClub. Even if I’d have to pay the $39 for a guest, I’d get the money back since Delta is my airline of choice to reimburse airline fees.

The person who scanned my boarding pass with a handheld device showed me to the counter to pay for my guest. She asked for my AMEX Platinum card. That’s when I realized I didn’t bring it. I said that it was in my Delta wallet and she replied she couldn’t she use that to process the payment. She said that they needed to swipe the card.

As I sheepishly prepared to leave the club and get a “you’re an idiot” look from Sharon [Note from Sharon: I so would’ve done that, too], I mentioned that I had my Gold Delta SkyMiles Business AMEX and she could use that. I knew that the card didn’t allow access to the SkyClub but she swiped the card to pay the $39 fee.

After that, I’m unable to explain the rules about paying for guests to enter a SkyClub. I could enter because my Platinum Card was linked to my Delta SkyMiles account but I needed to pay for a guest. When I didn’t have my Platinum Card with me, any other Delta AMEX card would work. I’m wondering if we could have used Sharon’s Green AMEX since that card is always in her wallet. Who knows, since the Platinum Card isn’t a co-brand AMEX card?

After the whole encounter, my advice is to always bring your AMEX Platinum Card with you when traveling, even if you have no plans to use it. However, if you forget and need to pay for a guest to enter the Delta SkyClub, feel free to see if can use any AMEX card in your wallet to pay the entry fee.

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Wayne October 5, 2022 - 8:18 am

I love guesting in people who are turned away from the Sky Club counter because they have didn’t have the correct credit card. My first Choice Benefits selection will always be the Sky Club guest pass.


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