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Man Wakes Up On Sleeper Train, Realizes It Never Left The Station

by SharonKurheg

Travel by train isn’t a huge thing here in the U.S. When we want to go from Point A to Point B, we usually drive. Or if it’s a further distance, fly.

But in Europe, train travel is a normal part of life. And sometimes, depending on circumstances, an overnight ride on a sleeper train can work best with some peoples’ plans.

Well, except when they don’t.

Jim Metcalfe, a resident of Scotland, rides the Caledonian Sleeper train regularly. He was riding it overnight from Scotland to London, one of the many work-related trips he’s taken on the line in the past decade and a half. It’s a 345-mile journey that takes 7.5 hours – passengers can start boarding at 10pm on the evening of departure, and they stay on board until 7:30am the next morning.

Metcalfe usually falls asleep before the train even leaves the station, and is typically woken up by a staff member serving a light breakfast shortly before the train reaches London.

However, this time Metcalfe woke up to his typically sausage and coffee, but was a little shocked to realize the train hadn’t moved all night long – he was still in Scotland!

Metcalfe said he the service tweeted the night he boarded that the ride was still on. They let people board, and then just…left them there. From his Twitter account:


Apparently, Caledonian Sleeper DID eventually tweeted about the incident, albeit a little after midnight GMT – Metcalfe was already fast asleep on the train.

To clarify the situation, Kathryn Darbandi, Serco’s managing director for Caledonian Sleeper, said: “We apologise to guests affected by the cancellation of our overnight services between Scotland and London.

“This was due to a fault identified on the line, late in the evening, related to the extreme temperatures causing problems across the network, which were outside of our control.

“We made all efforts to support guests impacted, including providing overnight accommodation on board and options for travel on alternative rail services the next day. All guests will receive a full refund.”

Metcalfe, to his credit, took the incident in stride. In fact, he even praised the Caledonian Sleeper staff, saying: “I would say in a really difficult situation, the onboard train staff were really calm and professional and handled it as best they could.”

He added: “I just went home, for me it was a minor inconvenience.”

Feature Photo: Caledonian Sleeper

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Mike July 26, 2022 - 5:19 pm

That is Funny. Thanks for the needed Tuesday laugh


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