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I’ve Added The World’s Most Boring Tech Item To My Packing List

by joeheg

I’ve already admitted that while being up to date with the newest tech, I tend to bring quite outdated items with me when I travel. Whether it’s my decade-old Macbook Air or wired Bose QC25 headphones, I tend to go with the “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it” mantra.

However, I did add one new piece of technology to my packing list after reading an article about the most boring item to bring with you on a trip.

While I’ve known about Apple AirTags for a while, this was the first article I read about using them to track your luggage.

There have been reports about people using AirTags to find lost luggage when airlines could not track the bags, but I never thought of it as mainstream tech. In fact, people have been using Tile to track luggage since back in 2015.

Since this has been going on for over 7 years, I don’t feel as if I’m an early adopter.

I ordered a 4-pack of AirTags from Amazon for $89.

I kept 2 for myself and gave two to Sharon. We each put one in our checked bag and carry-on.

When we got to Orlando Airport, it tracked both items in the terminal.

Later on, it tracked that our luggage was near the plane while we were still sitting at the terminal, eating breakfast at Cask & Larder.

When we landed at IAH on our stopover to DAL, I was able to track my carry-on and checked bag at the airport.

Great, my bag made it on the plane. I was pretty sure that we’d see it at DAL and our bags made it to our destination.

The same happened on our return flight from AUS-MCO.

While I was still in the terminal building, at the American Admirals Club, our luggage was already at our gate. If it didn’t make it on the plane, I’d be able to see where it ended up.

So while it was cool to be able to track our bags in real-time, having an AirTag in our luggage was an insurance policy. If our backpacks were stolen or our luggage was lost, we’d have a way to track them. Most airlines allow you to track your checked bags using their app and see if the bag makes it on your flight. The problem is if your bag is lost and they can’t find it.

I’d agree with the author saying that this is one the most boring pieces of tech available. I hope that I never have to use it but if I’m able to find a bag when the airline or police can’t, it will be worth the $90.

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