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25 Cool & Awesome Things Some Creative Hotels Did

by SharonKurheg

If you travel a lot, and especially if you’re brand loyal (granted, we’re not and we kind of love it that way), a hotel room is a hotel room. But every once in a while, you’ll find a hotel with a designer and/or staff that go(es) the extra distance to do some fun, interesting and/or creative stuff. Like these:

1. The nightstand light that can be half-lit, half off.


via Reddit/Nokqua

2. A hotel that incorporates landscaping into its facade


via reddit/Jajaloo

3. The hotel that encourages stealing its stationary


via Reddit/_TonaldDrump

4. The phone in your room that has an option for bedtime stories on its phone system


via Reddit/ToxicSteve

5. The hotel that gives you a rubber ducky for your bath


via Reddit/flyingTacoMoney

6. The hotel that has a catalog of pillows and blankets for you to choose from (I adore this idea!)


via Reddit/pickup_thesoap

7. The hotel that gives you a checklist of things to remember to take when you leave – including the toiletries


via Reddit/10585900

8. This hotel leaves a copy of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in the room, instead of a religious book


via Reddit/ukdanae

9. This hotel’s policy regarding pets


via Reddit

10. The hotel that reminds people of what the important things are in life (we stayed at that hotel a few years back. It’s also the one with the orange dog sculpture in each room – 2nd one on this list)


via Reddit/Moneyfeng

11. The hotel room with the mirror that doesn’t steam up (we’ve stayed in a hotel with one of those mirrors, too. Joe was so impressed with it that when we redid our guest bathroom, we got the same kind of mirror. It has a heating element inside)


12. The hotel that encourages you to donate unwanted items to the needy


via Reddit/i_ran_out_of_spaceee

13. The Do Not Disturb sign that tells it like it is


via Reddit/pinkturtleemily

14. The front desk that gives stuff if you win their challenges


via Reddit/Jefflebowski25

15. The hotel that sends requested toilet paper rolls via robot


via Reddit/diegocorazon

16. The hotel that built custom bookshelves for these specific books in this specific order


via Reddit/ObjectiveSee

17. The towel rack that includes a dark-colored towel specifically for makeup


via Reddit/DasAdam

18. The hotel pool that’s in two states


via Reddit/cormega

19. The sewing kit that comes with pre-threaded needles


via Reddit/MechGuy

20. In case you get lonely in your room


via Reddit/Arrav_VII

21. The mirror by the hotel elevator that tells you the weather outside


via Reddit/bigmetsfan

22. The hotel that actively tries to reduce their chemical load on the environment (this photo is older – nowadays all the hotels are doing it. Some still say it’s for the environment, but most just don’t want to pay housekeeping, so they say it’s because of COVID and “cleanliness”)



23. The hotel curtains that overlap so there’s no crack for daylight to peek through


via Reddit/ThePeoplesBard

24. The hotel that uses fresh honey for their breakfast buffet


via Reddit/GallowBoob

25. And finally my favorite – yes, this hotel really does clean under the beds! LOLOL!


via Reddit/troymen11

** Feature photo via Reddit

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Amy Aajee July 1, 2020 - 6:57 pm

Does it say something that in the pool in two states, California is shallow, and Nevada is off the deep end?


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