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Cardi B., On Delta Flight, Got Revenge On Fellow Passenger

by SharonKurheg

Cardi B. is well known for telling it like it is. Born Belcalis Almanzar in 1992, the rapper is from The Bronx, in New York City (off topic but I’m also from NYC and yes, we DO tell it like it is). She first started getting attention for discussing her career as a stripper on social media. That, along with her self-proclaimed “no filter attitude,” she eventually became an Internet celebrity through Instagram.

In the past 5 years, she’s been nominated for well over 100 awards, with multiple wins from the American Music Awards, BET Awards, Billboard, the Grammys, etc. In fact, she even holds 6 Guinness Book of World Records awards for the most simultaneous awards, streamed albums, No. 1 singles, etc.

Anyway, one of my hobbies is going down internet rabbit holes. With that, the other day, I somehow discovered a video where Cardi B. told the story about when she was on a Delta flight a couple of years ago and a fellow passenger put her bare feet on Cardi. Let’s just say it didn’t end well. 😉

According to various websites, Cardi B. is currently worth somewhere between $24 million and $40 million. She and her husband, Offset, also a rapper, own a private jet but due to the high costs of using it, they sometimes fly commercial. For one particular instance, she used Delta Air Lines (she says she loves Delta). She went online to explain to her fans what happened during that flight.

Apparently, a fellow passenger who was sitting behind her had her shoes off. According to how Cardi explained it, it sounded as of the woman must’ve rested her feet on the armrest in front of her. You know, something like this:

Nasty, right?

Most of us might think of a fun way to make the person stop. You know, like this (which always makes me laugh). But we’re talking Cardi B. here.

Cardi said she gave the woman a look. She thought the lady got the picture, because she removed her feet. But a half hour later, maybe the woman thought Cardi was asleep or something? Because she put her feet up again. So Cardi got her revenge, and not in a way that anyone would usually expect.

I’ll let Cardi B. explain what happened next. The whole video is a little less than 7 minutes but the story only runs from the beginning of the YouTube video until about 1:42.

Heads up that this is Cardi B. we’re talking about, so there is no hold barred. It’s definitely NSFW, with plenty of adult language, including F-bombs, S-bombs, and just about every other type of “bomb” you can think of (including, apparently, stink bombs LOL). Enjoy!

And just remember – you cannot record a fart! 😉

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