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Here’s How To Bling Out Your Hertz Rental

by joeheg

Love them or loathe them, there’s no denying that car wraps grab your attention. Typically (but not exclusively) used by companies for advertisement, car wraps turn your vehicle into a moving statement. The only limit to what your car will look like is your imagination. I also might be a little obsessed with watching car wrapping videos.

So while you might not want to put the Powderpuff Girls on your car, maybe there’s a special occasion you want to celebrate and you want everyone else to know. If that’s the case, Hertz’s got you.

Let the good times roll on any occasion. Whether you’re planning a night out on the town for a big birthday; looking to arrive in style for your bachelorette party; or celebrating a milestone anniversary, go celebrate your next exciting moment with a custom-wrapped ride just for you.

To book a wrapped vehicle from Hertz, you can visit their Custom Collection website.

  1. Reserve your rental. Then fill out the request form to let us know you’re interested in a complimentary custom car wrap from our collection.
  2. Within 3-5 business days, our team will contact you via email to confirm the details of your request.
  3. Then we’ll get going to meet the timeline provided.
  4. That’s a wrap! Pick up your custom ride and share your experience on social using #HertzLetsGo.

They are currently showing 19 different designs on the website, all but one of which is on a Chevrolet Tahoe. Many of the designs are customizable.

There’s the graduation party.

Birthday cupcakes,

and even a gender reveal wrap, which I thought was cute. Just make sure you drive up with the correct side of the car facing your friends and family.

According to the website, all requests require at least 4-6 weeks of lead time.

I’m interested to see if many people take advantage of this complimentary service from Hertz. At the minimum, they’ll be no mistake when you’re returning your vehicle.

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derek June 4, 2022 - 7:11 pm

How about a wrap that reads “I have a Hertz contract, don’t arrest me”


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