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Is Your Room Too Warm? Maybe Your Hotel Is Listening To These People

by joeheg

Sharon and I disagree about the optimal temperature of a hotel room. While we’ve reached an agreement on the daytime and evening thermostat temperature at home and if/when we’ll turn on the bedroom fan, the deal’s off when we’re on the road.

This is somewhat due to wondering if we set the thermostat to 72 degrees, will the room ever get that cold? If not, can we use any of these hacks to force the thermostat to go to the temperature we set it to?

We’ve learned to adjust to the room temperature by varying the number of blankets and wearing lighter or heavier pajamas, but we’d prefer a room the temperature we set on the wall. And regardless of what temperature Sharon sets the thermostat, I can always change it once she’s sleeping (Note from Sharon: and then I re-reset it when I get up to pee).

However, we’ve learned that hotels don’t agree with our ideal room temperature. In fact, they think they know the optimal room temperature and will do everything they can to keep the room at that temperature while you’re gone.

Even more concerning is that Energy Star states the in-room temperature overnight should be set to 82 degrees.

Our ideal temperature might be because we’re from the NY/NJ area and moved to Florida. At home, we keep our thermostat overnight at 74-71  degrees. Energy Star’s recommendation says that’s at least 8 degrees too high? OMG? Their suggestion is to start at 78 degrees and work from there.

But if you’re already starting to sweat just thinking about this idea, Energy Star says that there is some wiggle room. If you’re convinced this temperature won’t work for you, the program recommends setting it at 78 degrees anyway and then lowering it by one degree at a time until you’ve reached the best possible indoor climate. People who are more “heat-tolerant” can also ratchet up the temperature one degree at a time as well.

While I’m sure the hotels would love it if people kept the temperature that high, I have no intention of sitting in a hotel room, sweating and turning down the temperature one degree at a time, until it’s comfortable enough for me to go to sleep.

I don’t mind that a hotel would want to keep the room at a higher temperature when there’s no one inside, but the idea doesn’t work when you try to put it into practice. Using motion detectors or forcing a guest to insert a key to turn on the A/C means the room will be overly warm all day. Would you like to return to an 80-degree room after being out all day? Me neither.

Final Thoughts

Much like Sharon and I have compromised on the room temperature of our home, I’m hoping we can come to the same arrangement with hotels. I’ll promise not to set the room thermostat at the lowest possible setting to cool the room down faster when we return if the hotel promises not to shut off the A/C while we’re gone. I’d tolerate them turning it to 76-78 during the times of the day I’m not there, but only if the system works as it should, and I can get the room back down to a more comfortable temperature when we return. If they set the thermostat to lie to me about the current temperature and restrict the range I’m able to program, then I will do everything I can to set the room for the temperature I want.

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Tom May 10, 2022 - 4:50 pm

Like you, I’m from metro-NY and live in Central Florida, and like you I used to want my in-room temp to be around 72. But with global warming on my mind, I’ve made a concerted effort to change that. I feel I have to do my part for the long-term health of the only planet/home we have, and while I haven’t been able to turn off my a/c completely, I’ve gotten to the point where I’m now actually more comfortable with the thermostat at 79/80, and am freezing when it’s at 72-76. The key, for me, is airflow, so ceiling fans and/or open windows make it easy to adjust.

joeheg May 10, 2022 - 6:28 pm

I agree that airflow is the key to setting the temp higher.

Gene May 10, 2022 - 6:18 pm

82? OMG, that is sweltering. 67-69 is better for sleeping…

JJ May 10, 2022 - 6:43 pm

A/C is the single biggest issue I have when traveling. Many thermostats are not accurate and there are so many different types of systems. Some hotels (older ones in Europe) have a master “A/C or Heat” switch and even when it’s supposed to be cool, it’s not. When I’m at home (in Texas) I usually keep daytime temp around 73 with a fan going, but at night it has to be 68-70.

2btravel May 10, 2022 - 7:18 pm

I’m with @Gene. 67 (or lower) for sleeping. 74 is fine during the day if I’m just sitting at my desk working but if I’m moving around it has to be cooler than that.

Sophia Wills May 11, 2022 - 7:01 am

66 to 72 is batter for sleeping


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