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51 Countries & With No COVID Restrictions For Entry

by SharonKurheg

In mid-April we wrote about 15 European countries that no longer had COVID travel restrictions.  By “no restrictions” we meant that to enter the country, you don’t have to be vaccinated, get tested, or quarantined. At worst you may need to fill out a form, and/or mask up in some locations within said county. But there was nothing stopping you from visiting.

Since then, more countries have removed all COVID-related restrictions. They, along with the aforementioned European countries, include:

  • Albania had removed entry requirements in parts of 2020 and 2021, but re-added testing for entry in September, 2021. That’s now gone and they have no requirements for entry.
  • Andorra has no Covid-related requirements to enter. However the country has no international airport. Instead, they rely on travelers entering via France or Spain (which both still have some COVID-related entry rules). So they kind of still have requirements for visitors arriving via plane…just by proxy.
  • Armenia ended all requirements as of May 1st.
  • Aruba does not require a negative test or proof of vaccination. Arriving passengers are required to purchase Aruba Visitors Insurance and to complete an Embarkation/Disembarkation card before arrival.
  • Argentina doesn’t require vaccinations, testing or quarantine as of early April. If you are unvaccinated or have an incomplete vaccination schedule, they recommend you take a test within 24 hours after entering the country, but it’s not mandatory. That being said, Argentina DOES require:
    — Sworn statement within 48 hours before departure.
    — Medical travel insurance that includes hospitalisation, quarantine, and transportation coverage of COVID-19 for those who tested positive, are a suspected case of COVID-19 infection, or are contact of a probable confirmed case.
  • Armenia’s Health Minister stated at a cabinet meeting on April 28th that the country would be scrapping all health-related requirements for international arrivals as of May 1st. “Since the situation with coronavirus pandemic has been stabilized and the tempos of the spread of the pandemic reduced in world, we have decided to lift some restrictions. The requirement to submit a PCR rapid diagnostic test and vaccination certificate when entering the country through land border and checkpoints in airports has been removed.”
  • Bahrain stopped all COVID-related requirements for visitors in February, 2022.
  • Bonaire ended all entry requirements as of April 20th, although visitors do need to fill out a health declaration form between 12 and 24 hours before departure. They were the last of the ABC Island (Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao) that still had restrictions.
  • Bulgaria ended all of its COVID-related requirements on May 1, 2022.
  • Chile recommends but doesn’t require testing before travel. Arriving passengers must complete a traveler’s affidavit within 48 hours of boarding and provide proof of travel medical insurance that covers a minimum of $30,000 worth of Covid-19 medical expenses in Chile. Visitors no longer have to obtain a mobility pass (which requires proof of vaccination) to enter the country, but head sup that they may be required to present the pass within the country, including to enter restaurants, participate in group tours, and attend concerts and sports events.
  • Costa Rica no longer has testing requirements or quarantine mandates. Visitors also no longer have to apply for a health pass or purchase insurance. Masks remain required for indoor use.
  • Croatia removed the last of its Covid restrictions to enter the county on May 1st.
  • Cuba has no rules regarding vaccines or testing. However all visitors need to complete a sworn statement, and the country still reserves the right to randomly test select passengers for COVID upon arrival.
  • Curaçao allows visitors without a negative test result. Before departure, visitors must complete a digital immigration card and passenger locator card.
  • Czech Republic – They ended the last of their COVID travel restrictions on April 9th.
  • Denmark – They had dropped most of their COVID rules in February. However in March, requirements for the unvaccinated – which had been a pre-travel test – were trashed. Authorities do reserve the right to put restrictions back in place, if needed. “As a part of this contingency, the so-called ‘handbrake’ can be activated if concerning variants emerge. The handbrake is not activated for any countries at this time,” the government said in a statement.
  • Dominican Republic officially removed all of its entry rules for citizens of all countries as of April 26th. That being said, they reserve the right to randomly test arriving visitors age 7 and over.
  • El Salvador requires no test results or proof of vaccination to visit, as of November 15, 2021.
  • Gabon has lifted all pandemic-relation restrictions.
  • Gilbraltar is technically a British Overseas Territory, but is so much of a travel destination that we’re including it. Like Madeira’s entry via Portugal, if you enter through Gilbralar via Spain, you’ll still have to follow Spain’s COVID rules. However Gilbraltar itself has no COVID-related restrictions.
  • Greece scrapped requiring travelers to show proof of vaccination, a negative test, or proof of recovery to enter the country on May 1st. Face masks will still be required in indoor settings through June 1st.
  • Grenada does not require proof of vaccination or a negative test result, as of April 4th. Visitors also no longer need to fill out a health form upon arrival.
  • Hungary – As of March 7th, travelers no longer have to test, show proof of vaccination or quarantine when visiting in Hungary.
  • Iceland – Iceland has gone back and forth with its COVID requirements, from only allowing the vaccinated to visit (that’s when we went, last summer), to testing, etc. But as of February 25th, “All official epidemiological measures due to the Covid-19 pandemic will be lifted, both domestically and at the border,” the government said in a statement. “This eliminates all rules on restrictions on gatherings and schooling, as well as the requirement for isolation of those infected with Covid-19.” So no quarantine, no testing, no nuthin’.
  • Ireland – The Irish government announced: “From Sunday 6 March 2022, travellers to Ireland are not required to show proof of vaccination, proof of recovery or a negative PCR test result upon arrival. There are no post-arrival testing or quarantine requirements for travellers to Ireland.”
  • Jamaica no longer has any pandemic-related travel restrictions – they ended them on April 15th.
  • Jordan stopped the last of its Covid-related requirements for entry as of March 1. Visitors still need to fill out an online health form.
  • Kosovo removed its COVID requirements on May 1st. The country’s Prime Minister Albin Kurti said “the epidemiological situation with coronavirus is stable, therefore it is recommended to ease the measures.”
  • Kuwait no longer has any requirements for travel, effective May 1st.
  • Kyrgyzstan ended all Covid-related requirements to enter the country on May 1st. According to local news, “Reports were heard on the epidemiological situation connected with coronavirus infection in the republic and on the progress of vaccination of the population against coronavirus infection.”
  • Latvia – Foreign travelers, regardless of their vaccination status and purpose of travel, can enter Latvia. They don’t need to test or quarantine.
  • Liechtenstein follows Switzerland’s rules.
  • Lithuania ended all restrictions for entry on May 1, 2022. The country had been following different rules depending on what country the tourist was from. Now all tourists can visit with no requirements.
  • Madeira – Since early March it has no longer required tests, proof of vaccination or isolation from either vaccinated or unvaccinated travelers. However you may be required to wear a mask in certain venues. “There are no restrictions on the entry of travelers at the airports, ports and marinas of the Autonomous Region of Madeira,” said the statement of Madeira Regional Tourism Board. Heads up that if you travel to Madiera via Portugal, you’ll still have COVID rules in Portugal. But if you fly directly into Madiera, you’re home free.
  • Maldives no longer requires a negative test result, but visitors must complete a Traveler Health Declaration form within 72 hours of departure. travelers must also carry proof of a booking at a registered tourist accommodation. No quarantine is required if you don’t exhibit symptoms.
  • Mexico requires no testing or quarantine.
  • Moldova ended the last of their COVID restrictions on March 16th.
  • Mongolia doesn’t requires proof of vaccination. Visitors may now enter without providing a negative test result.
  • Montenegro also no longer requires proof of vaccination. Visitors may now enter without providing a negative test result. Indoor masking is still required.
  • North Macedonia had ended all restrictions in 2020 but reinstated them in 2021. They’re not removed again, as of April 21st.
  • Norway – The Norway tourist board posted the following a few months ago: “From Saturday, 12 February 2022, you can travel to Norway without having to worry about anything more than having a good time!”
  • Poland – Poland ended all mask rules on March 23rd (except for hospitals and healthcare buildings). This was follow by their ending all entry requirements on March 28th.
  • Romania – Romania lifted all remaining Covid restrictions on March 9th of this year. This included the use of vaccine passports and the requirement to wear masks both indoors and outdoors.
  • Serbia officially removed all COVID-related entry requirements on May 3rd. The Serbian government said they did it due to the favorable epidemiological situation in the country, and ‘in line with the decisions of most countries in Europe and the region’.
  • Slovenia – As of February 19, “There are no longer any Covid-19 restrictions for entry to Slovenia,” read a statement from the tourist board. The recovered/vaccinated/tested condition has been removed, making Slovenia an accessible, attractive destination for travelers looking to experience incredible scenery, farm-to-fork cuisine, historic architecture, hiking trails, and much more.”
  • Slovakia no longer has any pandemic-related travel restrictions.
  • Saudi Arabia has ended all of its Covid requirements to enter the country. However for visitors from certain countrys, including the U.S., proof of vaccination is still required to neter some government and private entities, as well as to use public transportation. But to get into the country? Nothing.
  • Sweden – April 1st was the first day non-EU visitors could visit with no restrictions. “The government has decided not to extend the entry ban from third countries,” said minister for justice and home affairs, Morgan Johansson. “This will make it much easier for everyone who has been prevented from coming to Sweden in recent years due to the pandemic.”
  • Switzerland lifted the last of its travel restrictions (it had been proof of vaccination or proof of recovery) on May 2nd. The Swiss government is referring to the change as reverting to, “the usual rules for entering Switzerland.”
  • United Kingdom dropped the last of its requirements in March 2022.
  • Yemen has lifted all pandemic-relation restrictions.

Keep in mind that as COVID waxes and wanes, and different variants arise, so do the requirements of certain countries. Testing, proof of vaccination, etc., could be re-started at any time. But as of this writing, the above countries have no COVID-specific requirements for entry.

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