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This Credit Card Sent An Email About “New” Benefits That Are 6 Months Old

by joeheg

What would you think if you got an email with the following title?

New benefits alert! Your Rapid Rewards® Priority Card has new rewards to enjoy.

Same great card, now even more rewarding.

Like me, I bet you’d think there’s something new. Maybe something that will make you take the card out of your sock drawer and put it back into your wallet.

I already think the Southwest Priority Card is worth keeping. However, since Southwest has changed its route network and reduced the number of non-stop flights from Orlando to New York and Austin, we’re not flying with them as much as we have done in the past.

I looked at the new benefits. They didn’t look much different.

In fact, these are the same increased benefits I wrote about back in October 2021. Here’s what I wrote about those changes when they were announced.

While I have a card that I’d rather use for each category, not everyone has a drawer full of credit cards. None of the bonuses are best in class but as a combination of categories, it does make the Southwest Priority a well-rounded option for some everyday expenses.

So if you fly Southwest often, using the co-brand Priority card to earn more points and possibly qualify for a Companion Pass is a great deal. I just can’t help but think this is no different than the deal six months ago. Do people who have the card and are looking to earn Rapid Rewards unaware that they can earn 2x points for streaming services and ridesharing services?

Therefore, I have to give Chase a thumbs-down on this email offer. While I like the benefits you get from the Southwest Priority Card are worthwhile, saying they’re NEW benefits when they’re actually six months old is disingenuous.

We now return to our regularly scheduled programming.

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