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Delta Just Quietly Lowered Another Bag Fee

by SharonKurheg

You always seem to hear about when places increase fees.

(and these are just from the beginning of the year!)

Airline fees are the ones that tend to get most peoples’ dander up. They started charging everyone for checked bags and then kept raising the prices of checked bags. You know what I mean.

Yet when a fee goes down, like when United eliminated this bag fee last fall (after Delta and American already had), you barely hear of it. So I’m here to let y’all know that Delta just DECREASED a bag fee – and United and American (nor any other airlines) have not.

Until recently, the fee to bring a small pet in a pet carrier as a carry-on to/from the U.S., Canada or Puerto Rico was $125 each way. Recently, it’s decreased to $95. Whoop whoop!

From www.delta.com/us/en/pet-travel/overview:

I say “recently,” but I admittedly don’t know *how* recently. Again, this decrease was not formally announced. I found something dated from late January 2022 that still mentions a $125 cost, so it’s apparently a very recent change.

Delta isn’t the only airline to only charge $95 for an under-the-seat pet for flights within the US. Southwest has charged that much for years (since January 2013, when they raised the cost from $75 to $95 because again, you always hear about the price increases LOL!).

Here’s what the other major airlines charge per direction:

  • American – $125
  • United – $125
  • Alaska – $100
  • Allegiant – $50 (which is really cheap. But it’s also Allegiant, so…)
  • Frontier – $99
  • Hawaiian – $35 within the state of HI, $125 for travel between HI & North America
  • JetBlue – $125
  • Spirit – $110

The rules (and prices) vary per airline for pets that are too big for an under-the-seat carrier. Some carriers will allow pets as cargo, some won’t. Some that did before COVID have suspended that service for now. Here’s the current scoop for all of the major airlines:

The topic of pets on planes, especially in the cabin, is a tricky one. Some people need, or simply want to bring their pets with them on their travels. And others, of course, are concerned about allergies or a pet’s potential inappropriate behaviors. Both sides have their excellent points. But for now, small pets are allowed in plane cabins, provided they’re in a carrier. And to that end, hey y’all, Delta decreased their price for it! Yay!

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1 comment

Jodi March 8, 2022 - 6:27 am

I was so excited to read this article until I realized Delta classified US Virgin Islands as an International flight rather than a Domestic flight, like Puerto Rico.
I still have to pay a fee of $200 one-way for my in-cabin, under seat pet.
My dog’s $400 round-trip fee is almost the same price as my round-trip ticket on the upper US East Coast.
It looks like I’m going to drop Delta as my to go airline until they realize US in front of Virgin Islands mean United States.


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