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Jeff Goldblum Tested 5 Travel Gadgets; His Reviews Are Delightful

by SharonKurheg

I’ve followed Jeff Goldblum’s career, on and off, since Tenspeed and Brown Shoe was on the air in 1980 (anybody else?).

Anyway, I guess you could say Goldblum (who was 28 when the show was on the air…for all of 6 months. Oops.) has made a name for himself 😉 since his Tenspeed and Brown Shoe days, between The Fly, the Jurassic Park and Independence Day series of movies, so many other movies, guest appearances on dozens of TV series, and so much more.

And have you been watching The World According To Jeff Goldblum? SO much fun!

Anyway, Goldblum partnered with WIRED back in 2018, in a video called Jeff Goldblum Answers The Web’s Most Searched Questions. It was a list of questions people had asked Google about, who else but…Jeff Goldblum. He was funny and charming in the video and it’s a lot of fun to watch.

Fast forward a few years, and Goldblum and WIRED have teamed up again, this time talking about travel gadgets.

Now, WIRED has given advice about travel gadgets for years. Some have been videos, some have been intended for reading. But until now, they never had a gadget review quite like what Jeff Goldblum gave. Here’s the video:

Someone needs to tell him that Amazon doesn’t allow anything lower than 1 star on a review ;-). Other than that, I found the video delightful. One YouTube reply said, “He acts like a typical boomer artist. Which I love it btw. He reminds me of my uncles and aunts.”

Just for fun (and in case anyone is interested in any of the items they covered), I sussed out the five travel gadgets in question:

World’s Tiniest Vacuum ($11.99, 4 stars, 104 ratings)

Pocketalk Model S Real Time Two-Way 82 Language Voice Translator ($249, 4 stars, 205 ratings)

Paper Shoot Camera ($140, 4 stars, 23 ratings)

Ray-Ban Stories / Wayfarer Smart Glasses ($329, 4 stars, 321 ratings)

MPOWERED Luci Original: Solar Inflatable Light (older model) ($24.99, 4.5 stars, 2,710 ratings)

Frankly, I seriously considered the solar inflatable light, until I saw it didn’t get as good reviews nowadays as it had previously. Oh well.

Anyway, it was a fun way to spend 13 minutes. I give it 10 Goldblums. Enjoy!

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