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Aftermath Of Crying Girl Who Thought Mom Was Alien After Seeing Her Passport

by SharonKurheg

If you have kids, or know kids, or even just remember back to when you were a kid, you know that, until a certain time, they’re naive and tend to jump to conclusions. They don’t yet understand that just because there’s something particular in THIS case doesn’t mean it will be the same for THAT case.

This brings us to author/filmmaker/poet/artist and entrepreneur, Kira Brandon (a.k.a. Kira J. or @IamKiraJ on social media), and her daughter, Nala.

Nala looks at if she’s about 5 or 6. And apparently, when she watches a movie, that has an effect on her. Watch:

If you’ve never seen the movie, in the Men In Black (MIB) series, aliens are able to visit Earth and the MIB organization polices this by asking them to carry paperwork.

Anyway, in the video, Brandon finds a very upset Nala and asks her why she’s crying. Her daughter shows her the inside of the passport.

“What do you think that means?” her mom asked her.

“Mommy’s an alien!”

Brandon chuckles at that and explains, “These are the places that Mommy has traveled to and this is a picture of Earth as I travel.”

The video went viral, with nearly 3 million views. One of those viewers was the writer of MIB, Ed Solomon.

Don’t worry about Nala though – a few days later she understood it all. Maybe 😉

Anyway, I did mention that Brandon is an entrepreneur. She and Nala have just released a children’s book on Amazon called There’s Something Up With Mama. From Amazon:

Aliens aren’t real…or are they? Follow the journey of Nala Joye as she investigates if her mama is who she says she is. After watching a movie that teaches kids how to look out for aliens, Nala is surprised with how many signs you have to look out for in the every day life around you.

Congrats to them both 🙂

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