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They Couldn’t Bring Booze On Plane, So They Gave Out Shots at TSA Checkpoint

by SharonKurheg

In 2015, a Chinese woman, named only as Zhao, was told she couldn’t bring her unopened 700ml bottle of Rémy Martin XO Excellence cognac onto the plane she was about to board. The alcohol had cost her about U.S.$200. So instead of tossing it, she drank the whole bottle, right there at the security checkpoint.

At the time, this is the meme that went around the internets 😉

Unfortunately, it wasn’t all that.

The “capeless hero” promptly got so drunk that she literally began rolling on the floor and couldn’t even stand up. She wasn’t allowed on the plane – airport security was worried that her inebriation would be a safety risk. Instead, she was taken to a room in a wheelchair, where she promptly fell asleep. “Zhao woke up some hours later and thanked police for taking care of her. They contacted her family members who took her home,” reported the South China Morning Post.

Fast forward to 2021 and TikTok user latinnbellaa and her friends weren’t allowed to bring their bottles of Malibu Pineapple rum and Ciroc vodka past the TSA screening point.

Instead of “being like Zhao” and chugging both bottles, the women decided to “share the wealth” and started offering free shots of booze to their fellow passengers. Someone took video (of course) and shared it on TikTok:


#fyp #miami #funny

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You’d have thought that security staff would have had a cow about this, but nope – if you look carefully, you can see that they were laughing as they watched people in the queue down the bottles.

The person who uploaded the video added in an update later on: “Yes we got on our flight, nobody was kicked out. It was a shot, no one was drunk.”

Of course, people who saw the video has something to say about it:

  • I can’t believe they are allowing this type of behavior at the airport and I’m even more disappointed I wasn’t there to participate
  • The fact they are taking off their masks to drink from the same bottle
  • This is about the be the most lit plane ride. Y’all have a party group already
  • Even pre Covid I’m not sipping anyone’s bottles
  • I honestly love seeing acts of human kindness
  • How did yall not know you cant take them? (the person who posted the video said they did know, but got there late and were going to gate check)

What would you have done?

Feature Image: Ciroc

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