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UPS Package Forwarding System Makes No Sense

by joeheg

I’ve had my share of problems dealing with UPS when it comes to receiving packages when we’re going to be away from home. This has become more of an issue because of delays due to back-ordered items, short-staffed stores not able to fulfill orders on time and increased delivery times. There are ways to tell delivery services to forward packages but I’ve had the most problems with UPS.

I knew we had a shipment on the way, but was waiting for the email with the expected delivery date. Of course, I received a message the day before we left for a week that the package would arrive in a few days.

I’ve already been down the road with UPS trying to get them to change the delivery to the local UPS Store. Their system requires an attempted delivery at the address and once you’re not home to accept, you can choose an alternate delivery location, such as a UPS Access Point.

When I received the email saying they tried to deliver a package and we weren’t home, I went to the UPS website. I entered the tracking number and clicked to reroute the package.

That’s when I found out that UPS requires the barcode number from the slip of paper left by the driver to reroute a package. You know, the paper left at my house, which was 650 miles away.

Fortunately, we have great neighbors who messaged us a picture of the paper (and removed it from the door to not let everyone know we weren’t home.) Once I entered that number, the process worked as it should.

We received several emails that were a bit confusing. The system kept saying the package was rescheduled and delivery was pending. Finally, we received a message that the box was waiting at the UPS Store for pickup. I picked it up this morning, and I received one last email saying that my package had been delivered.

This process is way more complicated than it should be. The most perplexing thing is that you need to have the number from the slip left on your door by the driver. If you’re out of town (and don’t have nice neighbors), the UPS truck is going to stop by your house several times before the package will be sent to the nearest UPS depot where you’ll have to go to pick it up.

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John November 17, 2021 - 5:36 pm

I believe requiring the number from the slip is a security measure. It prevents someone acting as you from routing your package to themselves


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