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20 Things Tourists Should(n’t) Do In These Countries, According To Locals

by SharonKurheg

When you visit a foreign country, there are certain social and cultural norms you should try to abide by, so you don’t look like a jerk. We listed a bunch of them here.

Besides this list though, there are a bunch of things you should, or shouldn’t do, to keep yourself safe, to stop you from looking stupid, you name it. Someone on Reddit asked their fellow Redditors, “What should tourists NEVER do in your country?” And this is what they said (comments have been edited for length and to remove adult language):

  • Don’t ask for coffee to go. We don’t have paper cups. If you go to a cafe, you’re expected to sit and drink your coffee -kimnoslice11
  • DON’T GO NEAR THE CROCODILE, DON’T TOUCH THE SNAKE, AND DON’T TRY TO EAT THE RED BACK SPIDER. These are all true things stupid tourists have done here, including some American picking a fight with a kangaroo. (The Kangaroo won) – Rumplestiltskin1254
  • I’m just gonna add in, can y’all please stop throwing lit cigarettes into the unique and beautiful bushland that you obviously traveled to see? The same bushland that is only now just recovering from catastrophic bushfires? The amount of ciggie butts I see on bush walks is disgusting and y’all could be ashamed. – Anonymous
  • If in Quebec, don’t speak English to a stranger unless they speak to you in English first. French is the language of commerce there, and English is seen as a grave threat to Quebec culture. (You’re more likely to see English-only signage in France than in Quebec) -yyz_guy
  • Some guy one of my friends know went to Germany and did the Nazi salute as a joke, he ended up getting arrested spent the night in jail and got a fine. – Anonymous
  • Concentration camps are not a place for you get your stupid selfies for your “influencer” profile. Those tracks you’re standing on transported many to their death. It’s okay to take pictures for pictures for memories that you came here. But those people who come here to take “sexy” selfies have no place being here. – Anonymous
  • Respect the queues and do not cut. We will stare at you passive aggressively with the fury of a thousand suns. -Thatweasel
  • Don’t get too close to strangers. We really value personal space.- manabreak
  • In Paris you should always say “bonjour” when entering a shop or restaurant and “au revoir” when leaving. Even if you don’t purchase anything or walk right in and out.” -france_throwaway21
  • It’s absolutely normal for someone to ask you what race you are, so don’t be taken aback if you are asked. It isn’t meant to be offensive. It’s just curiosity. – Hedgehog_amputee
The Netherlands
  • Please don’t walk on the bike lanes. For the people who are surprised that we get angry at this, walking on the bike lanes here is roughly equivalent to walking in the middle of the road in a major U.S. city. You’re obstructing our main mode of transportation, it’s dangerous for both the people for whom the lane is intended as well as the person wrongly using it. You”re derailing traffic because you’re not paying attention. Hope this helps in understanding our attitude regarding our bike lanes. – languagepotato

  • Don’t speak to us in Spanish. You are not in Spain. We speak Portuguese. -fabz_martins
  • When you sit down to eat in a restaurant, the waiter will bring you bread, olives, or someother snacks. If you eat it, expect to pay for it. If you don’t touch it, they’ll take it away and pretend like it never existed. -BaiRuoBing
  • In fast food restaurants and food court there’s a common practice called chopeing where one can reserve a table by placing a packet of tissues on top. Tourists who haven’t heard of this and take a reserved seat will often get dirty looks from the local who choped the table. – RadioactiveNewt
South Africa
  • When you go on a “safari” (we call it a game drive), you must never ever get out of your vehicle or get close to any big animals because that is how there are stories of people dying to animals here. Just please stay safe and obey the rules to save lives. – the10starpotato (NOTE: This was replied to by homarjr, who said, “The animals believe the car is a giant animal. Once they see a person outside of it, they realize they’re much smaller prey.”
South Korea
  • The eldest person at the table should start eating first. Don’t pick up your chopsticks, spoon or whatever utensil you’re using until the oldest person has started eating. -waynefoolx
United States
  • Yellowstone is not an amusement park the wild animals are extremely dangerous and will kill you in an instant. Do not step into the hot springs they will melt your flesh completely off your bones and you will die an agonizing death. – hhr577ggvvfryy66rd
  • Washington DC. Do. Not. Leave. Trash. At. The. Monuments. Also, get out of the water. It’s not a pool. – WatchTheBloom
  • stand on the right, walk on the left on the escalators, please.- Steakleather
  • Commit to crossing the road. It looks scary with the endless scooter stampedes, but if you just cross at a steady pace, they’ll avoid you. Do not try to dodge or make sudden movements. Just simply walk across. – ricehatwarrior

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Jorge Paez October 29, 2021 - 4:20 pm

Might I add don’t take illegal drugs into Malaysia or Singapore. You will be executed…..


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