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My Best Employee Benefit Is Turning Out To Be Corporate Rental Car Pricing

by joeheg

Earlier this year, we were looking for a rental car for a week in Texas. Rates were through the roof at every rental car company, even when I searched with Autoslash and every available discount code. The best rate I found ended up being with Hertz, using my corporate booking code from work. Before you ask, I am able to use this code for leisure rentals as it’s available through my Perkspot website.

If there’s any place where rental cars are incredibly expensive, it’s Hawaii. Cars are so expensive that people have been finding some inventive alternatives to renting a car. And unfortunately, unless you plan on staying at your resort all day, you need a car when you’re visiting Hawaii.

Once I booked our flights, despite Delta changing our flight times less than a week after booking, I started to look for a hotel. While I was fretting about spending a few extra miles to get a club room, Sharon reminded me that I should be worrying about finding a rental car while we were on Kauai.

Wanting to save time, I went right to the best hint from my post about how to find a cheap rental car. I put our rental dates into the Autoslash website and waited for an email with the least expensive rates. I didn’t like what I saw.

The cheapest rate was over $600 for an economy car from Payless. Now, I’m willing to rent from Payless but it’s not my first, second, or thirty-fifth choice.

Dollar was offering a Jeep Wrangler for the week for $850 and that seemed more appealing even if Sharon said she’d only take a Jeep if it was a cool color (Note from Sharon: I didn’t say that. I said it would be NICE if it was a cool color. There’s a difference LOL. Let it be known that I will ALWAYS take a Jeep, regardless of color, if the price is right. But I do love my purple Jeep.).

Remembering the reduced rate I found on our Texas rental, I went back to Perkspot and logged into my corporate account. Searching the Hertz website, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

This was the quote for an FCAR (Large Sedan)

I booked it IMMEDIATELY!!!!

That’s $350 less than the discounted rate from Payless and I get to rent from Hertz and use my Gold Plus account to skip most of the salesmanship at the counter.

At this rate, I’m going to save more money with my corporate rental car discount than any other work benefit. I just hope my boss doesn’t mind me taking all of my PTO. 🙂

If you’re looking for a rental car, check to see if your employer has a corporate benefit website. There are plenty of discounts to be found if you only look.

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