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Why I Took A Chance On Southwest’s Companion Pass Promotion

by joeheg

I’m not one to go out on a limb for a promotion. There’ve been plenty of opportunities where I’ve lost out on a great deal because I wasn’t willing to take a chance on what might happen.

I’m not sure if that had anything to do with it but I took a minor leap of faith and booked a flight with Southwest to earn a Companion Pass that’s only good for less than two months. I must be going crazy.

What other explanation could I have for spending real money on a speculative play?

As I mentioned in a previous post, I found a sub $200 R/T flight from Orlando to Atlanta with a quick turnaround. Spending less than 8 hours total, I’d get the Southwest Companion Pass for January and February. Even better is that I already had a $100 Southwest credit and got another $75 back from my Southwest Priority card.

The only reason I did this is that we have two trips over the Companion Pass’ time period where we could make back way more than what I’m spending on this one flight.

If plans don’t change, I’m set to fly to NYC to see the MST3K tour in February. We’ve already established how much of a fan I am of this robot movie riffing show.

We are also planning a trip to Hawaii and getting 1/2 price tickets, even if they’re on Southwest, is a deal I’m not willing to automatically dismiss.

My decision about buying the ticket to Atlanta was made easier because of Southwest’s generous cancellation policy. If I decide that we’re going to take another airline to Hawaii or postpone the trip because car rental prices are through the roof, I have until 10 minutes before the Atlanta flight to cancel and get a credit.

Once Southwest extends its schedule and I’m able to book flights with my Rapid Rewards points for our upcoming trips, I’ll be able to decide if getting a Companion Pass is a good deal. Unlike cash tickets, flights booked with points are refunded to the account when canceled.

If we’re going to take both trips, the $180 ticket and a day spent on a plane will be worth it. I might even bring some Salt Lick BBQ from the Atlanta airport back home for Sharon (Note from Sharon: SQUEEEEE!).

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