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Crazy! World’s 1st Hotel In Space Could Cost Less Than Disney’s Star Wars Hotel

by SharonKurheg

For decades, people have dreamed about visiting and even living in space. Old movie serials often dealt with visiting other planets or galaxies, and really, who isn’t a fan of The Jetsons?

The first travels into space, in the 1960s, opened the door for the possibility of being anywhere besides earth. Fast forward 60 years and you no longer had to have years of training like Yuri Gagarin or Neil Armstrong, but just be private individuals with a lot of money (and yes, a little bit of training), like Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson.

As for living in space like George Jetson and his family, we’re not quite there yet. But the concept of space tourism is a thing, and apparently the first-ever “space hotel” is set to open in 2027.

Insider, Entrepreneur, National Geographic, and other publications have been reporting over the past few months that the first-ever commercial space hotel, Voyager Station, plans to start construction in 2026 and be open by 2027. The project is being planned by Orbital Assembly Corporation, a space construction company comprised of NASA veterans. The station will be OAC’s first major project and the first commercial space station with artificial gravity.

According to Entrepreneur, Voyager Station resort will be able to accommodate 500 people, and, much like hotels on Earth, will have a variety of accommodations (i.e., luxury villas and hotel suites), as well as offer a gym, restaurant, bar, etc.

“Voyager Station will leverage the technologies of Space and the comforts of Earth to create a unique experience unparalleled in history. Simulated gravity will offer amenities like toilet facilities, showers, and beds that function similar to what you are used to on Earth.” they explain on their website.

Although initial pricing will most likely be in the millions (because of course it will), the company was quoted as telling CNN that, “they’re hoping to eventually make a stay at the hotel equivalent to ‘a trip on a cruise or a trip to Disneyland.'”

Really? Wow. Let’s look at those numbers for a second.

Cost of A Cruise

There are cheap cruises that last a couple of days and there are expensive ones that can go on for months. Food and lodging are, of course, included, although there are upgrade options for specialty cabins, restaurants, alcohol, excursions, etc. But let’s keep things to the basics.

According to cruiseline.com, figure a typical 7-night cruise ranges from $920 to $3,650 per person. But that’s for a whole week. So a cruise of just a couple of nights would be what, just a few hundred, right?

Cost of A Trip to Disneyland

“A trip to Disneyland” is about as open-ended as can be, so it’s even harder to figure out how much it would cost.

You could go to Disneyland for a day or a week or more, if you wanted to. But figure there are 2 parks so, just for argument sake, let’s say you’d want to visit for 2 days. Tickets into the parks cost vary based on time of year, day of the week, etc…but figure around $100 to $150 per adult, per day.

Food prices also fluctuate wildly. You can get a hot dog, fries and a drink in the $15 to $20 range. Or you can spend hundreds eating at the Exclusive and members-only Club 33 (if you have an “in” to get in, in the first place – look at that…3 “ins” in the same sentence!). So let’s go somewhere in the middle and figure an average of $100 for an adult for 3 sit-down meals per day at Disneyland.

Hotel? Assuming you want to stay on property, the range runs the gamut from roughly $300 per night for Garden View at the Disneyland Hotel to Premium View rooms at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa for about $1000 per night.

So assuming a 2-night stay for 1 person (I’m trying to keep things on par with the space trip – I doubt a whole family or even a couple would be going into space), you’re looking at anywhere from $1000 to $3000.

Compared to Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser

Disney’s Upcoming Star Wars hotel & experience, Disney’s Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser Hotel, is touting 2-night packages starting at $4,809 for two people ($2404.50 per person, based on double occupancy) or $5,999 for four people. That’s for “most weeknights” Aug. 20 through Sept. 17, 2022, which are traditionally off-peak dates for the parks.

They don’t offer packages for just 1 person, so I’m assuming if you were a single person who wanted to experience Disney’s Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser Hotel, you’d have to pay the full $4809 (Note: cruise lines usually offer single travelers the opportunity to book a double cabin for themselves by charging a “single supplement,” which is usually 1½ or 2 times the list price for one person. Disney Cruise Lines charges the full double rate, so I’d assume the same would be true for Galaxy Cruiser)

So comparing prices of the three:

Cheapest Most Expensive Notes
Cruise $920 $3,659 2 nights = a few hundred
Disneyland $1,000 $3,000
Star Wars
Galactic Starcruiser
Starts at $4,809 Who knows? A bajillion dollars

I realize there are a whole lot of ifs and unknowns in the comparisons. But just going by averages, yeah…if Voyager Station keeps to its word eventually makes a stay in their space hotel equivalent to “a trip on a cruise or a trip to Disneyland,” Disney’s upcoming Star Wars” Galactic Starcruiser Hotel could conceivably cost more than an actual flight to space.

And that’s just crazy.

Feature Images: Voyager Station, Disney

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Jorge Paez August 30, 2021 - 7:23 pm

I thought artificial gravity was not invented yet otherwise they would have it on the International Space 🤔 Station.
Lack of gravity for a long period of time has been shown to cause health problems…..


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