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Travelers Next Door Played Music Past Midnight. She Got Revenge

by SharonKurheg

It’s happened to all of us – you’re in a hotel room and the people next door are partying until all hours of the night. Or who knows, maybe you’ve been the one making too much noise ;-).

When you’re in a hotel, it’s easy to complain to the front desk, who can ask the offending guests to tone it down. They might even reserve the right to call the police on you. But when you’re staying in a private home in a resort, it might be a little more difficult to find a worker, especially past midnight. So sometimes you might think of your own revenge, like this woman did.

Heather Minshull and her family live in Manchester, England, which is about 35 miles east of Liverpool. They were staying in a caravan resort park in Wales (caravans are the U.K. equivalent of trailers, although sometimes they can be on wheels and sometimes they’re more similar to mobile homes – the latter are known as static caravans).

It was the family’s last night at the resort and around midnight or so, another group of vacationers (sorry…”holidaymakers”) moved into the caravan next door. They started playing Beatles tunes as loud as they could. Heather did ask them to lower the music, since she had 2 kids who were trying to sleep, but they didn’t abide.

So Heather decided to get even.

At 7am, she got a leftover loaf of bread and threw it on the top of their caravan. That attracted dozens of seagulls which, as you may know, are relatively heavy and certainly loud.

She described it all on her TikTok (Warning: Printed adult language, i.e.”Payback is a b*****)


#payBack #IWin 😂😂

♬ original sound – Heather

The video has garnered over 1.7 million views so far. Response from viewers have been about 50/50:

  • yes u were well wrong… you should have got up at 4:30am and used rice crispes or corn flakes, harder for the gulls to pick them up too quickly. (Amy Denigan Was Harr)
  • You are all on holiday! Why can’t they have fun cuz you got kids. Bet they’ll be glad when the fun police pack & leave MichelleColes)
  • Isn’t it against the law to play loud music after a certain time, especially in holiday parks, plus I would have done the same, laughing my head off (Jonathan Martin)
  • 12 isn’t late (kaitivia)
  • Someone did this to me when I worked at a holiday park, I deserved it to be fair….It sounded terrifying from inside.

Frankly, I think her response was brilliant. What do you think?

Feature Photo: Pxfuel

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Christian August 25, 2021 - 6:06 pm

The Beatles are pretty hardcore stuff LOL. “Mom, they’re playing As My Guitar Gently Weeps. Make them stop!”

Corbett Kroehler August 26, 2021 - 12:42 pm

Statutes which define “Disturbing the peace” vary by jurisdiction. In this case, though, I feel that the punishment fit the crime perfectly but I definitely would have gone with Rice Krispies at 4:30, given the option.


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