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United Flight Delayed While Staff Tried To Catch Onboard Pigeon

by SharonKurheg

Sometimes there’s something (or someone) on a plane that shouldn’t be there:

We’ve got another addition to the list 😉

United Airlines’ flight 124 usually runs like clockwork between Newark, NJ and Athens, Greece. Unfortunately, it was delayed for an hour not long ago.

It wasn’t for the typical reasons – not weather and nothing mechanical. They even had a whole crew all ready. But a pigeon somehow flew into the plane at some point, and the crew spent the time trying to shoo it out.

Unfortunately, they never did find him.

Fortunately, there was some video taken of the process 😉


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The flight attendant who posted the video, Arina Bloom, suggested on her Twitter account that one of 3 things must have happened:

  • He left the plane in Newark
  • He flew to Greece
  • He might still be on the plane

If it was the first two, it’s possible he left the plane and no one noticed. If he’s still on the plane, well, unless he’s surviving on crumbs (as pigeons are admittedly wont to do) and really good at playing hide-and-seek, I think he’ll eventually be found.

Feature photo: Public Domain

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1 comment

Lara S. August 11, 2021 - 12:39 pm

But did United code it as a “weather delay” haha. Very good video and good effort by crew to get the little stowaway off.


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