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That Time When Queen Elizabeth Trolled Some American Tourists

by SharonKurheg

Great Britain’s Royal Family has been an obsession for millions of people for decades. Even now, nearly 25 years after her death, the popularity of Princess Diana was still enough for a hotel in Chicago to set up a hotel package in her honor last year.

There’s always been something of a mystique around the Royal Family. After all, they’re rich, famous, and their royal bloodline goes back for centuries – that lends some people to think that they’re nothing like any of us. So of course, when one of them does or says something that could be considered “normal,” it makes the news.

Case in point…

Several years back, a story made the rounds about Queen Elizabeth. She was walking near her 50,000-acre private estate of Balmoral Castle, in Scotland. She wasn’t dressed up in her typical dress, with matching hat but instead was in simple tweeds and a headscarf. Very low-key.

Anyway, she started talking to some American tourists who apparently didn’t recognize her.

One of them asked if she lived in the area. She said she, “had a house not too far away.”

Another asked if she had ever met the queen.

“No,” she said. “But he has,” pointing to her bodyguard.

The tourists never had a clue of who they were talking to.

(This story has been going around since at least 2016, and is credited as being told by said [now former] bodyguard Richard Griffin)

So yep, the Queen of England has a sense of humor (well, humour), just like the rest of us.

And the American tourists? Well,

Feature Photo: Commonwealth Secretariat / flickr

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