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Uber Driver Returns Woman’s Phone 8 Months After She Lost it In His Car

by SharonKurheg

There have been a lot of lousy stories about Uber drivers:

Which isn’t to say that there aren’t lots of stories about horrible Uber passengers, too (remember this one?). But for some reason, the stories about drivers tend to stick out more.

So when an Uber driver does something particularly nice, I think that deserves a shout-out, too. In this case, an Uber driver in the UK returned a woman’s phone 8 months after she accidentally left it in his cab.

The woman, Shay Sade, is a DJ in the UK. Back in August 2020, she left her iPhone 6 in an Uber driver’s car when she was on her way home from a night out in London. When she realized her phone was gone, she tried calling it in an attempt to get it back, but the phone’s battery was old and wouldn’t keep a charge. So she figured it was a total loss.

Fast forward 8 months and, as luck would have it, she bumped into the same driver again on April 30, 2021.

The driver recognized Sade and returned her phone. He said he had held onto it in case, by chance, he picked her up again.

Sade tweeted about the event, which got over 214k “likes” and nearly 16k retweets.

Here are her posts about it:

Sade told MyLondon: ‘It’s restored my faith in humanity. It made me feel like people are nice – there are nice people out there. ‘I’ve lost things in the past and people have used it or done stuff with it. This is the first time a stranger has done something like this, he didn’t have to, I just thought “wow, you’re such a nice human being”. ‘It made my day. I was so shocked and emotional, because that phone meant so much to me. I have so many memories on that phone. It felt like such a relief to get it back. I just thought “this is a crazy miracle”.’

Of course, people being people, some are questioning Sade and calling her a liar (you can see their replies in the thread. Heads up that some contain adult language). Sade said she’s opting to ‘ignore’ those who don’t believe her – hoping her story shows that ‘humans can be good and nice’. Personally, I’m in the same boat and am going to go with there are still good people in the world.

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