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Man Starts Group Chat With Entire Plane. They Were Not Amused

by SharonKurheg

Despite all the reading, listening and gaming material that you can bring on your various devices, sitting on a plane for hours on end can still be pretty boring. Besides looking out the window, going to the lavoratory and MAYBE getting a drink and snack (and then putting your mask back on, please and thank-you), there’s not a whole heck of a lot to do up there. Sure, there’s usually WiFi but it’s rarely free, and depending on what airline you’re on, the cost may not be a good value. So you sit there, bored.

Apparently, that’s what happened to American Airlines passenger Michael Tiano not long ago. He was on a flight back in February and, in playing with the inflight entertainment, saw that you could do a group chat with whoever you wanted on the flight. So he did…with EVERYONE on the flight.

Here’s his TikTok video of the event (Adult language/NSFW warning for the song used):


These people have had enough… #travel #plane #fyp #explore #trending

♬ Fast – Sueco the Child

Some of his fellow passengers said, “Hi.” But more seemed to be less than enthused, either about his making conversation or the airline itself. Those comments included remarks such as, “Leave me alone,” “wwhere are tthe drinks” and “I’m over American Airlines lol.”

I guess you could say that Tiano’s experiment was not a particular success. But it’s still better than that time when someone AirDropped porn to a bunch of strangers on the plane.

Feature Image: American Airlines

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