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Man Banned From Disney For Stupid Pranks; Other Parks Throw Him Major Shade

by SharonKurheg

You gotta love the Twitter accounts of some companies. The jokes and yes, sometimes the snark, too. Once upon a time, I even posted some of the best travel-related Twitter accounts I’ve ever encountered. And, of course, who can forget when the Twitter accounts for MCO and TPA had a “tweet war” (with several other airlines chiming in, too), about, of all things, Chili’s!

So it wasn’t surprising that when Disney permanently banned a guy for pulling a stupid and potentially dangerous prank, the Twitter gurus of the other major theme parks in the area couldn’t help but butt in ;-).

But first, the story – Jason Jeter is a huge Disney fan and was allegedly a Cast Member (Disneyspeak for”employee”) as well. He also has a TikTok account with a huge following.

One of the things he had on his TikTok channel (do they have channels? I’m not sure) was videos of him drinking water from the various ornamental water fountains at Walt Disney World.

He did it at Disney Springs:


disney springs needs to up their water fountain game #fyp #disney #shopping #YesDayChallenge #coldest @thecoldestwater

♬ Send Me on My Way – Vibe Street

And at a few of the Disney resort hotels (the first and last ones in this video).


disney resorts are WAY better than disney springs #fyp #disney #vacations #BiggerIsBetter #coldest @thecoldestwater

♬ Send Me on My Way – Vibe Street

Obviously, drinking out of a decorative water fountain (or, hello, a LAGOON!) is dangerous. That water isn’t meant for consumption and who knows what kind of chemicals are in it (and the lagoon water? Like he said, “alligator pee.” Ewww!).

On top of that, he also videotaped himself entering an area of Disney that he had no business being in:


where disney princesses are made #fyp #disney #magickingdom #wedding #YesDayChallenge

♬ Part of your world – Vincenzo Crimaco

So as I said, Jason Jeter was a Disney cast member. I say that in the past tense because, not surprisingly, he got fired from Disney because of his various hijinks.


i was really hoping it was just a prank #jeteout #castmember #disney #fyp #OverShareInYourUnderwear

♬ Sunset Lover Night Trouble – SelteMemset

Fast forward a few more weeks, and surprise surprise, not only was Jeter fired from Disney, he was then banned from ever going on their property again because, as he put it, the company did “not appreciate what [he’s] been posting.”


happiest place on earth right? #jeteout #disney #castmember #fyp #ChipsGotTalent

♬ Sunset Lover Night Trouble – SelteMemset

Welp, the other theme parks couldn’t help themselves on that one.

Universal started it, with a comment about one of its water rides, Ripsaw Falls:

Then SeaWorld chimed in:

And even LEGOLAND had something to say about it:

That’s throwing some major shade, y’all!;-)

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