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What Is Rose Gold And Why Is My AMEX Card This Color?

by joeheg

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past few years (and if you were I wouldn’t blame you); you’ve probably heard about “rose gold” as a trendy color. It first hit the mainstream as a color choice for the iPhone 6S in 2015. While it’s easy to dismiss it as just a shade of pink, rose gold is an actual thing.

Rose gold is an alloy consisting of 24-karat yellow gold, copper and sometimes silver. The amount of copper determines the amount of rose color. It’s not a new color; it dates back to the early 19th century and was used by Faberge in his famous eggs.

However, it’s only recently that the color has once again become a fashion trend. Here’s a Buzzfeed article about 24 Rose Gold items you need to have. If you’re a Disney fan, a set of Rose Gold Mickey Ears are still a treasured commodity, as they’re on the 3rd edition since the 2017 release.

For points and miles collectors, the most likely place you’ll find anything Rose Gold colored is in your wallet with an American Express Rose Gold Card.

In 2018, American Express relaunched the Gold card with new benefits and a higher annual fee. As a part of that rollout, the new metal card was offered in a Gold or Rose Gold version.

Eventually, AMEX stopped letting people choose the Rose Gold version. Until recently, the only choice was a regular Gold card.

AMEX apparently was getting plenty of requests for the return of Rose Gold (if you look on Reddit) and per their own surveys.

A recent Amex Trendex* survey found that 3 in 5 (59%) consumers would be interested in choosing their Card design when picking a Credit Card and furthermore, 39% of consumers said that the look and feel of a Card is important to them when choosing a Credit Card.

Because of this, American Express is permanently offering Rose Gold as an option for those with an American Express Gold card.

I’m still in shock that 39% of people say the look and feel of a card are important and can’t understand the appeal that metal cards have to everyone. Of course, if that’s your criteria, make sure to sign up for this card whose major marketing pitch is that’s it’s the heaviest card available.

The only card where I’d understand picking your card design is with the Disney Visa card. I’d also get the Buc-ee’s card if Sharon would just let me.

I’d bet that 40% of people reading this article don’t pick a card based on the look and feel. If you’re like me, you have the Rose Gold Amex because of the 60,000 Membership Rewards sign-up bonus, the 4X earning on Dining and Supermarket spending, and the monthly Uber and dining credits.

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