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My Anecdotal, 100% Foolproof Way To Know People Are Traveling Again

by joeheg

2020 was a year of changing expectations about travel. Instead of planning trips around the world, people found the best ways to get away from home while trying to stay safe. For some, this meant renting or buying an RV and hitting the road. That’s not for us but we still opted for road trips and renting mountain cabins on Airbnb.

We’re well into 2021 and after getting vaccinated, Sharon and I are already making some ambitious plans to visit Iceland.  But that’s us and we realize that when it comes to travel, Your Mileage May Vary.

Even before Sharon and I were ready to get back on a plane, we knew that many others had already decided it was time to get back on the road. While other blogs follow the TSA checkpoint numbers and how airlines are adding new routes to the schedules, I had another, albeit unscientific, way to know that people were flying again.

People were looking for discounts on airport parking.

In 2019, we wrote about how we discovered parking at a local off-site parking lot, FastPark & Relax, which was quicker, cheaper, and more convenient than using Orlando Airport’s long term parking lot.

In that post, we included a referral link where people could get a free day of parking. In return, if someone used our link, we’d receive one free day (8 points in the rewards program.)

From March to August 2020, not one person signed up with our referral link. For the end of 2020, we had about 1 to 2 people per month sign up.

Here’s the list of referral bonuses for the last 10 days.

This isn’t people who’ve signed up but those who have signed up and parked. We’ve received 8 referrals since February (Note from Sharon: Thanks, y’all!).

So while Sharon and I are more willing to look at plane travel again, it appears that many other people are already heading to the airport and looking for a good place to park.

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