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Video: Man Spent $80 For “World’s Shortest First Class Flight”

by SharonKurheg

If you’re reading this post, the chances are good that you have some interest in travel. However we realize that our readers run the gamut of folks with varying degrees of experience with travel. Just as some people reading this have never flown on Spirit Airlines, not everyone has ever flown first class. That’s why we’ve posted a humorous look at first class (you know, for “the rest of us”) in the past, as well as a synopsis of what was wrong about Insider Magazine’s “real truth about flying first class.”

So then I read about this guy who doesn’t usually fly first class, but got to – for only $80! – and THEN he took a video on what he was calling “the world’s shortest first class flight” (it actually isn’t THE shortest. But it’s one of them). Well, I just had to share it for those of you who may not be as fluent in All Things First Class (if you are fluent in first class, this post is probably not for you).

Now first, spoilers – the only reason the 51-minute flight from Dubai to Bahrain cost him $80 was, of course, because he used frequent flyer miles (the flight was on Emirates – they call their miles “Skyward Miles.” He used 28,750 Skyward Miles for the one-way flight and then only had to pay 290 dirhams (roughly $80).

He starts by explaining that he’s going to get to the airport early to take advantage of all the perks he can (especially since the flight itself is so short). The airline would normally offer a chauffeur to the airport but because he paid with a mixture of cash and points, it wasn’t an option.

He was able to check in quickly because first and business class passengers get their own dedicated check-in and security. But then, whomp whomp – the first-class lounge was still closed due to COVID. So he had to “settle” for the first-class section of the business lounge (poor baby!).

After ordering some food to eat while waiting for his plane (he looked as if he really enjoyed it), he booked his complimentary 15 minute back massage (Quote: “How unnecessary! But also cool”).

When his massage was over he walked to his gate (he could have gotten a ride to the gate, but forgot to ask LOL). I enjoyed his commentary on how they thought he was in the wrong queue and how he was treated once they realized he was flying first class. It’s so true – money (or, in this case, the appearance of money) talks.

Once on the plane, his first class pod was, of course, gorgeous, and had every amenity a flyer would want. And even though the flight wasn’t even an hour-long, they fed him again. Because it’s first class and of course they did ;-).

First class always gives you all kinds of cool amenities, so before he left, he took all of them from his pod (but not the Bose headphones!), so he could try to sell them on eBay LOL!

Want to see for yourself? Here’s the video so you can get a taste of what first class is like:


Since Joe works so hard to accumulate frequent flyer miles, we’ve gotten to fly first class here and there. We usually save it for really long flights, though. Since we’d never use our miles for a flight that’s less than an hour, I thought it was a fun video.

Feature photo: Anna Zvereva / Wikimedia

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Andrew Lock May 9, 2021 - 12:21 am

I would absolutely do that same flight if I had the opportunity! I enjoy trying the business or first-class service on as many different airlines as I can! Seeing mention of the world’s shortest made me wonder what the world’s current longest flight is with a first-class cabin?


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