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The Driver’s License That Would Never Get Past TSA Security

by SharonKurheg

After years (And years. And YEARS) of delay, the United States was finally going to require that driver’s licenses be Real ID compliant in order to be used at TSA checkpoints. October 1, 2020, was the intended start date. Most states finally had all their ducks in a row, and those that didn’t were on course to be, by then. The TSA was even working on ways to prevent meltdowns at the airports, and everything was going as planned.

And then COVID hit and the start date was changed to October 1, 2021.

Meanwhile, the issuance of new drivers licenses was still happening and those with drivers licenses that weren’t Real ID-compliant were getting new ones that were, so they’d be able to get through a TSA security checkpoint.

Well, except for one woman in California whose new drivers license wouldn’t. Although it admittedly had nothing to do with it being Real ID compliant.

So what was wrong with Lesley Pilgrim’s new driver’s license?


From Facebook:

Yup, the picture included her wearing her COVID mask.

Pilgrim apparently went to the California DMV this past February to get a Real ID-compliant driver’s license. The agency was very strict about safety protocols and, as Pilgrim told CNN, “It was honestly really intimidating. Immediately when I got there, I was like, ‘oh my gosh I better not break any of these rules because they’re going to send me to the back of the line.'”

Wanting to ensure she was compliant with what she had to do, Pilgrim didn’t take her mask off until she was told to do so.

She said the DVM worker wound up taking two photos of her – one with her mask on and one with her mask off. And when they send her new driver’s license to her, the “masked” picture was the photo they used.


From CNN: “In an emailed statement to CNN, the California DMV said the masked photo was a mistake. ‘Customers are asked to remove their face covering when a photo is taken,’ the DMV said. ‘In this instance there was an oversight. The customer should have been asked to lower her mask for the photo.’

And before anybody asks about wearing face coverings for religious reasons…nope. Rules for driver’s licenses in terms of religious head coverings vary from state to state, but your full face must always be visible (interesting factoid as per LearnReligions.com: “A fully veiled woman may be able to request that the photo is taken in private if the office setup allows for this.”)
This isn’t the first time a government entity had a “Whoops” moment in terms of identification:
  • The Tennessee DMV issued this driver’s license to a woman in August, 2020. That DEFINITELY wouldn’t pass muster (and I’m glad she didn’t take it sitting down).
  • And this ridiculous mix up happened courtesy of Global Entry

Anyway, the California DMV said the ID was valid (???) but apparently they had gotten in touch with Pilgrim for a “do-over.” And, of course, they were going to conduct an investigation (I could see how that would go. Tell the photographer, “Don’t do that again.” End of investigation.)

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