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What AMEX Card Should You Add An Authorized User To For Partner Transfers?

by joeheg

American Express only allows cardholders to transfer Membership Rewards to partner accounts of authorized users and those authorized users need to have been added at least 90 days ago. What does this mean?

American Express will pool all of your Membership Rewards into a single account. Still, you cannot transfer (or pool) Membership Rewards between accounts, even with your spouse, family member, or authorized user(s). This rule is more restrictive than Chase and Citi, which both let you send points between accounts.

You can currently transfer Membership Rewards points to the partner accounts of people who are authorized users on one of your American Express cards that earn Membership Rewards. For example, I can transfer Sharon’s Membership Rewards to my Delta SkyMiles account. I can also send my Membership Rewards to my dad’s ANA Mileage Club account, which is what I did to help them have enough miles to book their trip to Bali and Thailand. When I did this, I added him as an authorized user to my account and a day later I could transfer the points. That’s no longer possible due to the 90-day hold period before you can make transfers to new authorized users.

There’s no doubt AMEX’s RAT team suggested this change to keep people from selling points. All you needed to do was add someone as an authorized user. What’s to keep those with little to no moral compass from sending points to whomever they want if someone is willing to pay them for the points? In this case, a 90-day hold period seems reasonable.

However, to prepare for the need to transfer points in the future, I added the people I might want to transfer my Membership Rewards as authorized users now. I’m thinking mainly about Sharon and my dad and his wife. That way, just in case I ever need to send them points, they will already be on my account.

So if I want to do this, which would be the best American Express card that earns Membership Rewards to add someone as an authorized user?

These are the things I take into consideration when deciding which AMEX card I want to add an authorized user:


Depending on which card you choose, you can pay anywhere from $300 to add an additional user to the Business Platinum card, $175 for up to three additional users on a Personal Platinum card, or no charge to add users to any number of other American Express cards.

Now, there may be a good reason to add someone as an authorized user to an American Express Platinum personal or business card. Most importantly, authorized users get some of the same perks as the primary cardholder, like lounge access to Delta Sky Clubs and Centurion Lounges.

That’s not the basis of this article so I’m going to say when it comes to adding an authorized user only for the means of allowing points transfers, these cards aren’t the best choices.

Or are they?

Credit Report Consequences

One of the biggest drawbacks of adding authorized users to credit cards is that if it’s a personal account, it will show up on your credit report even if it’s not your account. This can be a good thing if you’re looking to build credit but if you’re trying to stay under Chase’s 5/24 rule, this is a big problem. You can call the bank and explain how you’re just an authorized user and not responsible for the charges but that’s one more step I’d prefer to avoid.

Taking this into consideration, the best card to add someone to for the purpose of allowing transfers of Membership Rewards to their accounts would be an AMEX business card. The same ones I just said weren’t a good idea. Here’s why.

American Express Business Charge Cards

If you have any of the American Express Business charge cards (Platinum, Gold or Green), you can add additional users to your account. For example, say you have a Business Gold Card. You can add additional Gold cards to your account for $50 each OR you can provide a Green card to an authorized user for FREE!!!!

Screen Shot 2019-01-01 at 5.20.50 PM

In fact, all AMEX business charge cardholders, no matter the card type, can add additional Green cards for no charge.

If the only reason you’re adding an additional cardholder is so you can transfer points to their partner accounts, this is the best option. There’s no cost and the cards don’t show up on the authorized user’s credit report.

American Express Blue Business Plus Card

The Blue Business Plus card has no-annual-fee and earns 2x points on all purchases up to $50,000 per year. The card also allows the addition of authorized users for no cost.

American Express Everyday Card

What if you don’t have an American Express business card? The best option will then be if you have one of the American Express Everyday cards.

My go-to card for Sharon is the Everyday Preferred. It has great bonus categories for everyday spending and allows you to have additional cardholders for no charge.

Screen Shot 2019-09-02 at 11.23.11 PM

This is one of the only cards where I added myself to her account. I now have a card in my wallet for when I get sent to the store for groceries AND it allows me to transfer Sharon’s points from her AMEX account to my accounts if necessary.

Final Thoughts

American Express’s requirement of having an authorized user on an account for at least 90 days before transferring points to their partner accounts means we need to plan in advance. Fortunately, it doesn’t take too much time to add an authorized user to your account, and if you choose the right card to add them to, there doesn’t need to be any additional expense either.

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