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A Dozen Ultimate Hotel Fails (Part 4)

by SharonKurheg

When you make a reservation at a hotel, you have a pretty good idea of what you’re going to get. This is especially true if you book with a chain. But if you book with a privately owned hotel, and especially if it’s in a different country, let’s face it – it could be a craps shoot.

The “craps shoot” hotels can be disasters when you’re there, but in 20/20 hindsight, they tend to be the most fun to talk about at parties. You know, like when we stayed here and discovered what was in the closet (to be fair, the closet wasn’t nearly as much of a disaster as the filthy floor was – and this was at Hyatt, no less!).

We’ve posted about hotel disasters in the past – when architects, designers or SOMEONE made some, shall we say, “questionable” decisions. Here are:

And now, for your viewing pleasure (Or chagrin. Or sighing. Or rolling of eyes) is Part 4:

The tiniest elevator ever

PC: Pinterest

I don’t know if this is really a fail as much as an “it’s just the way it is, so deal with it” because a whole lot of hotels in Europe have elevators that are this teeny tiny. Whenever Joe and I have stayed in a hotel that had “this” kind of elevator, we wind up going up to our floor one person at a time so we can fit all the luggage in there, too.

Their parking fees are…wow!

PC: Pinterest

If you look very carefully, you’ll see that the car was parked in 1996 and retrieved in….2013? Maybe they can get some sort of discount? I hope they pressed “cancel.”

You can’t say that they didn’t warm you

PC: Reddit / code0011

I would say that it was simply someone who didn’t have an excellent command of the English language, but that’ “warm notice” certainly uses quite a choice of wording!

Spelling? Space?

PC: Reddit / elosoyonski

I have questions. Half of me says they wrote out CONGRATS and then decided to finish out the word, albeit badly. Half of me says they ran out of room so they put the S at the end onto the top row, where there was more space. And the third half of me thinks they just can’t spell.

Not enough storage space

PC: Reddit

This looks more like an Airbnb or a timeshare than a hotel. But still, pretending to have cabinet space when you don’t is just wrong.

Braille Fail #1

PC: Reddit / ilcorsot

This family restroom is supposed to have Braille lettering on the door so those who are visually impaired know what’s there. At first glance all seems good – until you look at the sign from the side, and you can see that the raised dots are…not.

Braille Fail #2

PC: Reddit

It’s a little harder to see, but this one at least has proper Braille…under glass?!?!?!

I’d like to speak to the manager

PC: Reddit / mediagarden

How many people do you think fell down these stairs?

Someone needs a geography lesson

PC: Reddit

A photo from a hotel room in Asia. It looks like China is trying to take over the world…

If this is what they serve for breakfast, I’ll go to McDonald’s

PC: Reddit

I have no words. But definitely not part of a balanced breakfast.

They obviously run a classy establishment

PC: Reddit / PresentBeverage

You know it’s a fancy hotel when the linen cart is stolen from Marshall’s and not, you know, Dollar General. Gotta love the Marshalls!

Smallest hotel room ever?

PC: Twitter

The smallest hotel room I’ve ever been in was roughly 10′ by 20′. This room obviously has that beat. 6′ x 8′, maybe?

Feature Photo: Reddit

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