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Some Of The Strangest Things Ever Left In R.V. Rentals

by SharonKurheg

Coronavirus has been around for over a year and many people still do not want to fly on a plane. Some are worried about catching the virus while on the plane, while others have equally valid reasons that have nothing directly to do with flying, but are just as important to them.

With fewer people flying to their destinations, road trips have become much more popular, so it’s not surprising that R.V. (recreational vehicle) rentals are up as much as 650%. Of course, with R.V. rentals come the same “problem?” as people who rent hotel rooms or even Airbnbs – those who accidentally leave things behind.

Originally launched in New Zealand in 2005, Motorhome Republic touts over 450 depots within its network around the world. In fact, with over 300,000 customers and 3 million rental days in its history, Motorhome Republic touts itself as one of the world’s largest, if not THE world’s largest RV rental agency. With all those rental days under its belt, you can bet that several, shall we say, “unusual” things have been left behind. Such as…

A freezer full of breast milk

Joe and I have been in hotel rooms where they didn’t clean the fridge out as well as they could have, and once even discovered a “gift” of a can of beer left by the previous guests. So I guess(?) that a freezer full of breast milk might not be ALLLLL that unusual?

But really, (A) assuming that the breast milk in question was for a baby, how do you forget something like that? And (B) how did “whoever” who was cleaning out the RV know that it was breast milk, as opposed to some other sort of milk???


“Hi, Motorhome Republic? I rented one of your RVs to drive around Europe for a while and stashed a bunch of Euros in it. But I forgot where. Knowing me, it could be here, here or here. Can you check to see if they’re there?”

Not so amazingly, the money was never found.


I was today years old when I learned that deer shed their antlers on an annual basis (don’t look at me that way – I’m from Brooklyn, What do I know?).

But apparently someone got a set of antlers discarded from a deer, and then they didn’t want them anymore. So they left them. I guess it was like when you collect seashells at the beach and leave them at the hotel? But bigger. Much, much bigger (and not as fishy-smelling).

A prosthetic leg

Another one of those situations that make you scratch your head and wonder, “HOW do you LEAVE something like THAT behind???”

Stolen credit cards

RVs get stolen, the same as any other motor vehicle. In this particular case, the RV was recovered by police…along with 30 stolen credit cards that were left inside.

Bonus! One of the stolen cards was the one that had been used to pay for the rental RV.

A wedding dress

I guess they changed their mind?


I will fully admit that I’ve stayed at hotels and left behind small pieces of clothing here and there. A nightshirt at Walt Disney World in the early 90s. A T-shirt from the Hamilton Grange 2 or 3 years ago (which is an excellent reason to go back – I need a replacement!). So someone leaving a set of underpants in an RV isn’t that far fetched.

What’s unusual though, is that the owner contacted Motorhome Republic and asked them to find said underpants and mail them back because they were “sentimental!” (the cost to ship them apparently cost more than a 10-pack of new underpants).

I don’t even want to know…

When staff went to clean a recently-returned RV, they discovered it was filled with duct tape and lipstick. Was it art? RV BDSM? The world may never know.

Feature Photo: Motorhome Republic

H/T: vacationtravel.com

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