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Imagine If You Were Staying At This Hotel When This Happened

by joeheg

We’ve stayed at our share of hotels over the years and eventually you’ll encounter something strange during one of your stays. For example, while we were standing at a Candlewood Suites front desk, the agent received a panicked call. While a hotel guest was in the shower, the entire bathroom mirror fell off the wall and shattered onto the bathroom floor.

Imagine being in the shower and this thing crashes onto the floor. If you didn’t have a heart attack, your next thought would be, “how am I going to get out of the shower, naked, without recreating the scene with Bruce Willis walking through glass shards from Die Hard?”

I was reminded of this while listening to the Comedy Central station on Sirius XM in my car. (by the way, here’s how to get a discount on your Sirius XM renewal.) A bit from Mike Birbiglia came on about him talking about his sleep disorder and how it caused him to jump through a second-story window of a La Quinta Inn.

While this must have been terrifying for him, I can only imagine if I were one of the other guests at the hotel and hearing breaking glass at 3am, only to look out to the parking lot and see a man running around, bleeding, in his underwear.

For safety, Mike now will only sleep on the first floor at hotels. To be honest, that’s probably one of the more reasonable requests hotels have to deal with. These, on the other hand, maybe not so much.

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derek January 25, 2021 - 8:14 pm

How to get out? The first thing I thought of was that most people shower with the shower curtain drawn so there’s a good chance there’s no major bleeding. Throw towels on the floor and walk over the towels. If glass got in your eye, try to call 9-1-1 first so the ambulance can take you to the hospital then call the front desk, which usually has a slow response.

I would tell the front desk that I’ve called 9-1-1 for a medical emergency. Let them into the room fast. Run, don’t walk. If I were able, I’d prop the door with the chair or garbage can, even if naked. Life or eyesight before modesty.

Christian January 26, 2021 - 6:44 am



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