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Airlines Passenger Threw Punches After Kids Kicked her Seat; Faces Assault Charges

by SharonKurheg

If you’ve ever been on a plane (and if you’re reading this, I assume you have), you’ve most likely been stuck with one of “those” passengers. The ones we’ve warned against being. The types that we’ve given advice about so that you’re not one of them. The ones who recline their seat too much (here are all the types of those). The ones who are intrusive with their personal space (here’s what one person did about that). And yes, the one with kids who kick the seat in front of them.

Daydrena Jaslin Walker-Williams can tell you all about that last one, because she’s facing a charge of felony assault in the fourth degree, as well as harassment, as a result of kids kicking her seat. She was on a flight on Spirit Airlines not long ago, when she was the victim of such kicking. She claimed that she asked the kids’ mom, Nataly Hernandez, to tell her kids to stop. But when Hernandez did no such thing, Williams-Walker said she hit her, “2 to 3 times with her fist” after their flight landed in Portland.

As per The Oregonian, Williams-Walker admitted to police that, “she was upset Ms. Hernandez’s children kicked the back of her seat, and stated she told Ms. Hernandez ‘to tell her kids to stop it.’”

But, I guess, not wanting to appear the only guilty party(?), Williams-Walker said that Hernandez ignored what she was asked to do, and had hit her “on the shoulder” after one such request.

As per a probable-cause affidavit, after the plane had landed, Walker-Williams pulled her luggage from an overhead bin and then turned and punched fellow passenger Hernandez several times, leaving Hernandez with a bleeding lip and lumps on her head.

Hernandez’s two children, aged 7 years old and 3 years old, reportedly witnessed the assault, as did other people on the plane. Apparently, no one saw Hernandez hit Walker-Williams during the flight.

According to the affidavit, Walker-Williams said she didn’t get a flight attendant involved when Hernandez allegedly initially smacked her on the shoulder, because her “first reaction was to fight.”

Said Walker-Williams, “You do what you got to do.”

You do what you got to do? Um….not really, no. But I bet I know who would love it if we ever had child-free zones on planes, like other countries have considered or done.

Meanwhile, anger management classes, anyone?

Feature Photo: gfycat

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Jimmy January 7, 2021 - 10:13 am

Moral of the story? Control your kids on a plane. If the parent would’ve handled the situation this incident never happens.

halcyonrx January 7, 2021 - 10:32 pm

No, the moral of the story is don’t act like ghetto trash and assault someone.

Ms M January 10, 2021 - 3:51 pm

Guess the kicking was ok though right?

And yes I would love a zone where there were no kids to kick my back or yank my hair and make my vacation miserable because my back hurt the first 1-2 days, no people that think bathing and oral hygiene is either optional or consists of wearing/spraying perfume and cologne that announces them well in advance, or people who will not stop talking to you even when you have headphones on and are trying to sleep.

On another note, it is about time airlines stopped allowing people with ‘emotional support animals’ to have more rights than anyone else on the plane.

The woman likely knew that the flight attendant would shrug and do nothing or worse tell you she can’t do anything about the kid because kids will be kids. But they sure can act like police taken they want to!

Not right to hit the parent but I sure understand the urge to do it. She should not have to tell the parent anything – parents need to be parents and stop making the village suck it up with no opt in or out choice.


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