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Why Denver Int’l Airport Has A Huge, Hidden Pile Of Luggage

by SharonKurheg

Denver International Airport has always been surrounded by mystery and a little bit of weirdness. After all, when it originally opened in 1995, it was huge, inconvenient to get to and had a large statue of an anatomically correct cobalt blue mustang with glowing red eyes. And THEN, inside the airport, the artwork included a mural with what looks like a Nazi in a gas mask, Masonic logos, gargoyle statues, hidden Native American symbolism, etc.

These matters combined were enough for conspiracy theorists to have a field day. They think the airport is the only thing that shows an otherwise massive underground military base, complete with a structure of tunnels and bunkers meant to house the New World Order (a government for the post-apocalyptic society).

Well, I don’t know about that, but last year DEN had some GREAT entertainment that I wish I could have seen!

Meanwhile, if the conspiracy theorists weren’t thrilled with the entertainment, they recently got something else to chew on.

DEN is in the midst of a renovation of its Great Hall, which is the area under the iconic “tents” of the airports’ Jeppesen Terminal. Construction walls have been set up but apparently, it’s easy enough to see over them. And if you do, you may notice that there’s a huge pile of luggage (Unclaimed? Lost? Stolen? It’s DEN, who knows?) that social media users couldn’t get over. They wanted to know where the bags came from, why they were sitting there in a big pile, where were their owners, who put them there, etc. After all, again, it’s DEN, y’know?

As an example, here’s a video about it from TikTok (NSFW Warning: I couldn’t find the original video, just this one that includes a response with adult language in it):


♬ original sound – user8912870793298

Heck, it was enough for Snopes to get involved.

Was a Gigantic Pile of Baggage Spotted at the Denver Airport?

Like all things related to Denver’s famous airport, the video of piled-up baggage sparked speculation.


Claim: An unusually large pile of baggage was seen at Denver International Airport.


Rating: Mixture

What’s True
A large mountain of baggage was seen piled up at Denver airport.


What’s False

However, the baggage didn’t belong to passengers. It had been purchased by an airport contractor to test a new baggage handling system.

You can read the whole story, including the origin and complete response of why the luggage is there, on this page of Snopes’ website.

So the mystery was solved. Except it wasn’t so much of a mystery to begin with, as much as people jumping to conclusions about the meaning of a pile of luggage that was behind a construction wall. Which, if you think about it, you might wonder about too, if you came across something like that. 😉

Many thanks to Mikal C., who totally understands our particular style of quirkiness 😉

Feature Photo: pixnio

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arun baheti December 30, 2020 - 7:31 pm

The luggage system at Denver has a long history of failure. As I recall, they never found all the luggage lost during testing of the system before opening — still some place deep in the tunnels apparently. There were hilarious articles and video from the construction and opening period.


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