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This AMEX Offer Requires Too Much Work For Little Reward

by joeheg

At the end of October, American Express added an AMEX Offer to many accounts. The offer is for the streaming service HBO Max and as far as offers go, this one was pretty good.

Get a $7 statement credit by using your enrolled AMEX card for a purchase of $14.99 or more. You’re able to get the credit three times before 2/26/2021.

We signed up for HBO Max in September to watch the documentary “Class Action Park.” It’s about the adventure park located in New Jersey that my family often visited in my youth.

When signing up, HBO Max offered a discounted subscription of $2 off for the first twelve months, so I’m only paying $12.99. You see the problem this creates, right? I’m not spending enough to trigger the AMEX credit. I looked online and can’t find any way to prepay my account or even buy a gift card. I’m stuck.

The only way I could get the credit would be to cancel my account and sign up for the full price.

How’d that work?

Current discounted pricing. $12.99 per month x 8 months = $103.92

AMEX OFFER. $14.99 per month x 8 months = $119.92 – $21 = $98.92

Over the 8 months, I’d be saving a total of $5 if I cancel. That’s assuming I’d keep the service for the whole 8 months. That’s a possibility because, in 2021, HBO Max will stream Warner Bros. movies on the same day they’re released in theaters. That includes Dune, In The Heights and the new Matrix movie.

I can’t decide if it’s worth the hassle for $5. I hate leaving money from an AMEX offer sitting on the table.

Anyone else in the same situation? What’d you do?

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PMartin December 28, 2020 - 7:01 pm

The AMEX limit is 3 billing cycles so only save $21


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