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Cabin Crew Are Selling Naughty Photos Of Themselves To Make Extra Cash

by SharonKurheg

Airlines worldwide have had to furlough, if not lay off thousands upon thousands of cabin crew members since travel has slowed due to COVID-19. The airline employees who are lucky enough to still have jobs might not be working as much as previously. However, bills need to be paid, regardless of how few hours you get to work. So some are doing side hustles to make ends meet.

Well, it turns out that the side hustles some of them are participating in might make good money but are more than a little on the naughty side.

Some are selling photos of themselves, in various stages of undress, on sites such as OnlyFans (OnlyFans is a content subscription service based in London. Content creators can earn money from users [read: their “fans”] who subscribe to their content).

Women who claim to be cabin crew from British Airways, EasyJet and RyanAir have made accounts on the site. They’ve been using them to post suggestive photos of themselves, sometimes in their uniforms, but usually only showing them in their tights, on their respective planes…in the seats, in the galley, etc. They charge a monthly fee for access to the photos.

Others have Instagram, Twitter, and/or eBay accounts that they use to sell photos and things, such as used tights and shoes.


Now personally, I find no appeal in this. But some people with fetishes do and if that’s how they get their jollies, well, as long as it’s all adults and no one gets hurt, live and let live. People have been selling used, unwashed clothing on eBay for years and this is just an extension of that. And if it gets some much needed extra cash into some cabin crews’ hands, who is anyone else to judge?

Except that sometimes the photos show the logos from whichever airline the cabin crew works for. And that, not surprisingly, has caused some of the airlines to want to look into things. Representatives from both British Airways and EasyJet suggest these sites don’t reflect the high standards or professional behavior of their airlines. They are both in the midst of investigations.

Feature Image: Snappygoat

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