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Woman Did What We’d All Like To Do To Annoying Fellow Passengers

by SharonKurheg

Unless we’ve been able to get a seat in business or first class, being on a plane can be a pretty miserable experience for most of us. We’re jammed in together like sardines and we’re at the mercy of our fellow passengers. The kid behind you who’s kicking your chair. The seatmate who won’t shut up when you’re trying to sleep or get some work done. The guy cutting his toenails. The person in the window seat who keeps having to get up to pee. Oh, and this woman:

PC: No idea. I saw it on Facebook a long time ago

And if not her and her hair, then it’s someone who drapes their coat over their seatback. Either way, you’re stuck with the uncomfortable decision of either saying something to her (fistfights have started over less) or the flight attendant or sucking it up, being stoic, and having someone’s hair in front of your face for a few hours.

Or you could do this…

Someone who apparently has a passive-aggressive streak was stuck with someone’s hair draped over the seatback and decided to take matters into their own hands. This is what happened:

This video has been making its way around the internet and a lot of people are suggesting that it’s staged. I kind of suspect it is, as well. Some of those moves would have been felt, I question why no one else said anything, and frankly, it would take a certain level of evil to do some of the things this person did, just because another passenger’s hair was draped over the seatback.

Maybe, maybe, someone watching the video will recognize themselves (not personally; I mean what they do on a plane) and make sure not to flick their hair over the seatback anymore.

Hey, there’s always hope, right?

Featured Photo: fatmike63/Reddit

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