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My Friend Stayed In A Hotel That Had A Great Sense Of Humor

by SharonKurheg

Until COVID struck and our travels were greatly curtailed, a lot of my friends said they liked to live vicariously through Joe’s and my travels. That’s a pretty cool thing to hear but even cooler is when I’ve gotten to live vicariously through someone else’s travels.

My friend Kirsten lives in England but last year went on holiday (Brit speak for “vacation,” of course) in New Zealand. I watched her travels on Facebook, from the U.K. to Singapore, then to Sydney, and finally to New Zealand.

She posted some lovely photos of beaches, and it looks like she went on a tour of Weta Studios, where she got her Lord of The Rings geek on.

But my favourite (see what I did there?) were the photos of the signs that are posted in the Travelodge where she stayed. Take a look:


WARNING: This no-smoking sign is equipped with camera surveillance. OK, you’ve got us, it’s actually just plastic. But if you do have a sneaky cigarette we will smell it and so will other guests. So please, keep this a smoke free space.


NB: This Microwave is a non-smoker. And if it does smoke and sets the fire alarm off then you will unfortunately be charged for the fire brigade to attend, up to $1500 (NZD). It could be the most expensive microwave meal you ever had. So please use with caution.


MEMORY CARD – Room Number 2108. So first things first, remember the number above as it may come in handy in the middle of the night. Secondly, remember to drop the card back at reception when you leave…we don’t want to have to track you down with helicopters and sniffer dogs to get it back.


Your Key To Success  …well sleep, which is often the same thing. Insert room key and remove, wait for green light before proceeding


All of your questions answered. Well, about the hotel. If you’re looking for the meaning of life, you’re probably better off Googling that one.

I love establishments that don’t take themselves too seriously, don’t you? Enjoy your day, travel friends!

*** Many thanks to Kirsten W. for letting all of us live vicariously through her holiday to New Zealand, and especially for her permission to share her photos!

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3sistersabroad November 11, 2019 - 4:00 pm

haha I so laughed at these signs.


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