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Things You Don’t Expect To See On The Interstate

by joeheg

Sharon and I are new to road trips. Sure, as a child I used to sit in the back seat while we drove across the country every summer. But as an adult, until recently, most of our travels were on airplanes. Coronavirus has changed all that and until we need to, we’re going to stay off of airplanes and drive to wherever we can, within a reasonable distance.

Besides finding out that it’s fun to stay overnight in a city, we’re spending a whole lot of time on the US Interstate system. We bring along the essentials, like a reference to find out the location of the nearest gas station or rest stop and we make sure to download a map of where we’re going to our phones just in case we lose reception during the trip.

Driving around the southeast, we get to see some great scenery, like the mountains of Tennessee and North Carolina.

However, we didn’t expect to be passed by a rabbit on a motorcycle just outside of Atlanta.

I’ve seen some interesting motorcycle helmets over the years but I’ve never seen a helmet that looked like a furry was going out for a ride.

Little did I know that this is a thing and stores specialize in coverings for motorcycle helmets. You can be an elf, pumpkin, shark, any color of fuzzy creatures and even Santa. I regret searching for these helmet covers as they’re all I see in my targeted ads now, and I don’t even own a motorcycle. (Note from Sharon: Really? You didn’t tell me that part! OMG, that’s FUNNY!)

This person riding this motorcycle made dealing with the horrendous traffic around Atlanta almost worth it. Almost.

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