Earn 5% back as a statement credit on up to $500 of online purchases. Start earning from enrollment or 11/24/2020, whichever is later, through Cyber Monday, 11/30/2020.
Starting on Tuesday 11/24, or when you enroll, you’ll earn 5% back on up to $500 of purchases. Most importantly, this offer will apparently stack with the previous offer for 5 points per dollar for online purchases.
This offer may overlap with other special offers in which you are currently enrolled. You may receive more than one communication regarding this bonus offer. If you have already enrolled in this offer, no further action is required. This promotional offer is non-transferable and applies to each of your eligible enrolled Citi-branded cards. You can only enroll one time for this offer.
If I’m reading this right, I can get 5 points per dollar and 5% back on up to $500 of purchases. Good thing I have some supplies in the house I need to restock. I might even be able to stack this with an offer from a shopping portal.