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United Airlines Plays Nice but Ryanair Doesn’t Have To Placate Trump

by joeheg

As a citizen of the United States, it’s not surprising that I’ve been obsessed with the election for the last few months or years. I’m totally on whatever side of the US government that wants the United States to get coronavirus under control so we can start to get back to a sort of normalcy. It’s been obvious which side that puts me on but where does that put the airlines trying to keep their companies alive?

United Airlines recently decided to hedge its bets with a rather bland statement on Twitter.

Not wanting to offend anyone, that’s the most wishy-washy thing I’ve ever seen. It’s not doing anything to get me to fly with United again. In looking at the Twitter feeds of the other major US airlines, none of them decided to make any statement after the election was decided in favor of Joe Biden.

That didn’t keep airlines from outside the US from using Twitter for what it’s made for: snarky comments. In the front of the pack was, SURPRISE!, Ryanair. We’re not a fan of their policies, but its Twitter was on fire.

Many of these things have a short half-life. I might not remember this as the week that Ryanair flamed the Trump family on Twitter. Hopefully, I will look back on today as the moment that the US started to get COVID-19 under control and when I could hope we’d be able to visit Japan at the end of 2021.

I may also remember this as the moment when airlines stopped trying to convince people that it was the smart thing to follow the rules and wear masks instead of hoping an anti-mask wearer wasn’t on my flight.

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Rodrigo November 8, 2020 - 9:30 am

Once Biden takes over you will most likely be in lockdown for weeks or even months, the airline industry in will be in ruins and with plenty of travel restrictions. If I were in your line of business I wouldn’t be celebrating or expecting to travel to Japan anytime soon.


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