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Jet2 Passenger Threatened To Pee On Flight Attendant, Urinated On Locked Lavatory Door Instead

by SharonKurheg

It seems that inappropriate urination on a plane is becoming a “thing.”

Just a couple of weeks ago, a “well known” pastor urinated on a fellow Delta passenger as she was sleeping.

And now, in an even more bizarre tale, a passenger on a Jet2 flight threatened to relieve himself on a member of the Cabin Crew and eventually urinated on the door of the lav. But that’s only half the story! Read on…

According to the Manchester Evening News, Christopher Tooth, age 57, and his son Matthew, age 34, were on a Jet2 flight from Cyprus to Manchester. During the flight, the younger Tooth was accused of eating one of the flight crew’s meal. Both father and son (would two Tooths be Teeth?) allegedly became aggressive following the accusation; Matthew was heard to say, “She’s telling me I’m eating her sk–k food.” Father and son followed the crew to the galley, where they said to be abusive and aggressive. However they eventually sat back down in their respective seats.

Once seated again, the Younger Tooth was reminded by the cabin manager and a fellow passenger to put his mask on. This angered the elder Tooth, who came within inches of said passenger, and threatened to “f—ing drag you off this plane.” Elder Tooth then had to be held back by the cabin manager.

But wait! There’s more!

After the plane had landed at Manchester Airport but was still taxiing, Christopher Tooth stood up. He was, of course, asked to sit down, since the plane was still moving.

He complied and sat down, but then stood up again, and said he needed to use the toilet. When he was told to sit down again, he said, “Shall I p–s on you then, w–k-r?”

When the plane finally stopped moving, Elder Tooth went to the back of the plane to go to the lavatory. However it was locked. He wound up breaking the lav’s handle and urinated with the door open, in full view of the female cabin crew.

Christopher Tooth had also urinated in his seat.

Both Teeth (sorry, I couldn’t resist), who, as it turned out, were determined to be drunk while on the plane and, were brought up on charges.

Elder Tooth’s lawyer said of Tooth the Elder: “He wishes to apologize to the court, to the authorities for having to deal with him and the staff who had to deal with him on board. He tells me he and his son had been to Cyprus tying up personal affairs – his estranged wife, grandchild and daughter live out there, he had seen them and was coming back with his son and they had a few drinks before getting on the flight. They didn’t drink on board. When this commotion started he was asleep, he was alerted by the noise and recognized it was his son. He went over to try and calm matters down but became embroiled in the commotion. He doesn’t understand why the situation got out of control.”

Father Christopher, who had three previous convictions for four past offenses, one of which appeared to be the U.S. equivalent of a DOA, pleaded guilty to entering an aircraft while drunk and was fined £670 ($880).

Son Matthew failed to appear in court and a warrant has been issued for his arrest.

Feature Photo: Jet2

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