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Plane Forced To Land When Wife Discovered Husband’s Affair & Became Uncontrollable

by SharonKurheg

File this one under “things you don’t encounter on a plane every day.” It actually happened a couple of years ago, but the story is just so weird that I can’t help but share it.

As per the Times of India, there was a woman on a Qatar Airlines flight from Doha (Qatar) to Bali (Indonesia), traveling with her husband and child. She unlocked her sleeping husband’s cell phone by using his thumbprint on its scanner (told you it was a few years old. (Here’s how to use your phone’s face ID if you’re wearing a mask) and, in going through his phone, discovered that he was allegedly ‘cheating’ on her.

The woman, who had had more than a few drinks, started fighting with and hitting her husband. When crew members tried to protect the man and calm her down, she began to “misbehave.”

With this, the pilot decided to divert the plane to Chennai (India), where the husband, wife and child were removed from the plane without incident. The plane then continued on its flight to Bali.

Officials at Chennai Airport decided there was no security risk, but after hearing the whole story, authorities decided to keep the family at the airport until the woman became soberer. At that point, the family was put on a flight to Kuala Lumpur, with the understanding they would then take a connecting flight to back to Doha from there.

(Literal translation from Google Translate:)

During the flight, she unlocked cell while he slept. I deceived her. The one of the rosary of Amozoc was armed. It happened yesterday Doha-Bali flight.

An official from India’s Central Industrial Security Force confirmed the incident:

“…A lady along with her husband and a child…were offloaded by Qatar Airline as the lady passenger (who was intoxicated) misbehaved with crew members inflight. They were sent to Kuala Lumpur by Batik Air flight 6019 for further travel to Doha.”

And now I’ve heard it all.

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