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US-Canada Border Staying Closed Means Fines, Loopholes & (Gasp!) Some Canadians Not Being Nice

by SharonKurheg

The title of this post is written tongue in cheek, but as the border remains closed between the U.S. and our friends to the north, more and more drama is happening.

Most importantly, as the winner of the “virtually no one is surprised about this” award of August 2020, yes, the border between the U.S. and Canada will indeed remain closed through at least September 21st. And really, can I just call it now that it’s going to stay closed through at least October, November and December 21st? Because we all know it’s going to happen. It’s not as if the 2019 Novel Coronavirus issue is going to be fixed any time soon.

But back to the drama. Case in point, there have been roughly 13,000 Americans who’ve tried to enter Canada since the border closed in March. Most of them are stopped at the border and sent back. Some manage to get in, and when they’re caught shopping or at tourist or recreation places like Banff National Park, they can now expect to pay fines of up to $1125. That’s just for being in the country when you’re not supposed to. If it turns out you’re in Canada illegally AND not quarantining, that’s a $750,000 fine, plus 6 months in jail, plus you’re banned from entering Canada for a year. Hoser!

Many Americans thought they figured out a way to be let into the country by saying they were traveling to Alaska and then….they don’t. The Canadian government has figured out a way to stop that.

Meanwhile, some Canadians can still go to the U.S., and some Americans can go to Canada through specially made legitimate loopholes we mentioned a while back. Quarantine upon return, of course, continues.

Canadians have a reputation of being very nice, calm and kind. But even they have their limits, especially when a potentially deadly pandemic is included and their neighbors to the south keep breaking the rules, entering Canada and putting them at risk. Some Canadians are tattling on cars they see are from the U.S. Others are taking matters into their own hands and keying or otherwise damaging vehicles with U.S. license plates on them (to be fair, there are some people who have cars with U.S. license plates who are in Canada 100% legitimately).

But yeah, the border is still closed. You never know how much you appreciate your neighbors until you don’t have access to them anymore, eh?

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1 comment

BCT August 17, 2020 - 5:59 pm

Just a couple of thoughts.
– Americans feeling wronged in Canada is tragic.
– no one needs to travel right now… except of course narcissists . ITS A GLOBAL PANDEMIC PEOPLE!
– Americans have only Americans to blame for their predicament
– everyone legally entering Canada must quarantine including Canadians. And yes, we are pretty pissy about it
– Canadians cannot cross a land border with out good reason … just like Americans coming to Canada
– American border guards can exclude a Canadian , or any other non-American , for life if they feel like it. Canadian border agents cannot

Can’t wait until we can all travel again!


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