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Even If It’s Real ID Compliant, I Bet TSA Won’t Take This Driver’s License

by SharonKurheg

Drivers licenses that are Real ID compliant have been on the radar since 2005 (yep, that long). This Act of Congress, “…modifies U.S. federal law pertaining to security, authentication, and issuance procedure standards for drivers’ licenses and identity documents, as well as various immigration issues pertaining to terrorism.”

Unfortunately, Real I.D. has had so many delays that it isn’t funny. Least funny of all, after everything was all ready to go for October 2020, coronavirus put the world on “pause” and now Real I.D. won’t be mandatory until October 2021. Of course, if you don’t have a Real ID compliant driver’s license by then, you can always use a passport.

Anyway, once it ever finally goes into effect, there have been a few people where their ID just won’t work. We went over them in these posts:

Add this to the pile.

25-year-old Jade Dodd went to renew her Tennessee driver’s license not long ago and when she received it in the mail not long afterward, it was a little…unusual.

In the area where her face would normally be, there was a photo of a chair.

Yup, just a chair. A blue chair on a teal background. From Facebook:

Screen Shot 2020-08-12 at 10.16.46 PM

Of course, with her Facebook being public and people being…people, the situation all became several memes pretty fast, From Facebook:


And my favorite…

Screen Shot 2020-08-12 at 10.24.29 PM.png

Of course, she couldn’t keep that driver’s license. Despite the memes, she couldn’t use it as lawful identification for driving, voting, going into a bar…or to get past TSA.

So she went back to DMV, where she explained the situation and the clerk wasn’t quite sure what to do. “Oh, I need to get my manager for this,” she said.

It was determined that the photo of the chair was the last one taken and was somehow added to Dodd’s file.

Dodd took it all in stride, saying it lightened the mood in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic and gave her and her co-workers a few laughs.

“My boss thinks it’s funnier than anyone,” said Dodd. “I was at work Friday and he pointed to a chair outside of his office door and was like, ‘I thought this was you, I waved at it this morning.’”

She received her new driver’s license – sans chair – a few days later.

Feature Photo: Alaska Airlines

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