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The Odd Man Who Ruined Our Photo Op In Versailles

by joeheg

I’m old enough to remember when we took pictures and didn’t get to see the result until we took the roll of film to get developed. Sometimes you got a great picture that you’d take the negative back and get it enlarged into an 8×10 to put into a frame.

Usually, you’d get a bunch of pictures that were a little bit blurry or the framing was a bit off. Not bad enough to throw away but not good enough to show anyone but your closest friends. And then there were pictures that told a story. Such were these pictures we took at Versailles.

On our only trip to Versailles, outside of Paris, we unknowingly visited on a day when the fountains would be running for a limited time. After our tour, we walked out into the gardens and the fountains magically turned on. It was really amazing.

Sharon and I decided to have our friend take our picture in front of the Fountain of Apollo. We centered ourselves for the perfect picture. It would be a great memory of Paris. Except for the man who just wouldn’t move.


We weren’t impatient. We waited for quite a while. This guy just never moved. Apparently, his life goal was to stand and stare at the fountain until it turned off. So we did what any other sensible person would do. We took his picture.


While our picture is a memory of our time at the fountain, there’s so much more in this image. Starting with the Members Only style jacket and progressing to him standing with both hands behind his back tucked behind his purse. The sandals with dark socks finished the look way before this was considered inappropriate. I look at this picture and wonder what he was thinking at the time. Why would someone stand at a fountain for so long, doing…nothing?

The world will never know.

But we never did get a decent shot of the two of us near the Fountain of Apollo at Versailles.

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